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This will likely be my last appearance here for some weeks; coming up on a little vacation and then houseguests which will limit my train time. Playing with the lighting and the camera.Looks like I kicked the headlights on high to get a picture. Message: The driver size and spacing is a 'dead hit' for this Lima-built 2-6-0 that was on my prototype - the Hickory Valley Railroad. Message: I have read about the railroad that used that locomotive, it had a connection with the V&T.
Message: Chris, I wanted to get back to you on the question of the size of the surviving Porter 0-4-0 Loco Eureka #1.
Would a stretched body of the new Dapol 0-6-0 (with new tank and details and cab) also work?

In fact I saw a copy of the original Porter Loco builders spec sheet displayed with the 0-4-0 Porter Loco in Chester CA where I took the photos of it. It refered to the Loco as an 8 Ton.Possibly some of the size discrepencies exist from a fairly recent HO version of a small 0-4-0 Porter produced by Backwoods Miniatures for Scale West Scale Models, being incorrectly called in HO as an 8 Ton version.
I think that locomotive was a 7ton and mine is a 8ton modeled after that O scale Grandt Line loco. The same mechanism released in S scale; that model was I believe 8 Ton in S scale, but in reality was a larger (10-12T) Porter in the HO scale version. So I have to go by what I have measured and the builders spec sheet indicated, I have seen where the Loco was displayed.I still recall that the Loco I have researched in Chester CA is an 8 Ton.
I had been out of town with a sick elderly parent, and had to wait to delve into this matter, until after getting an architectural design to a structural engineer today (my current commercial project).

Chris I complimented you on your Locomotive, and we seem to have a different understanding of the size of the Porter I am refering to.
However the Eureka Porter has it's Cab Front start a bit rearward, closer to rear driver axle (although just in front of such axle).
Water Tank extends a bit further back toward front of Cab how starting slightly further back per note above. Chris send me an email and when I get around to drawing up a more detailed set of Elevations, I will send you a copy.

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