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Even when we model in smaller scales, our hands or other appendages are still full scale, and may need to fit into the space for maintenance or re-railing trains. I just want to try this because after 30 years of using plywood for curves, I'm ready to try something else. I will take some pictures when I get something built and let you know how good or bad it went. The spline sub-roadbed seems like an unnecessary use of time and materials, unless you're planning on putting the helix on display.

Sometimes doing extra handiwork is a nice escape, but if you're just trying to get something done, why add the extra costs and time. Otherwise known as the Section House, our club house is a 3,600sf air conditioned building dedicated to Club use. If you are planning on using it for sound deadening, I think that there are other options that would be thinner and cheaper.
Automobile sound insulation can be used under the cork roadbed with minimal additional height.

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