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You can subscribe to my RSS feed by clicking on this icon: Enter your email address in the 'Subscribe to updates' box to receive automatic email updates! The latest update on the progress of my Rochelle Intermodal N scale layout – I talk about signals, yards and industry switching plans. Spent a lovely few hours in the train room working on my layout (adding trackwork for a new industry) and also working on my Railroad & Co automation.

This layout is loosely based on Rochelle, Illinois, and has an intermodal facility (based on Global III) and industrial switching areas (based on Caron Road, Rochelle, IL.).
Managed to get my Amtrak train automated – will work nicely for operating sessions, running on an automated timetable in-between the real-life operators running their freight trains. This website follows the progress of the construction of my Rochelle Intermodal N scale layout, with photos and videos.

Planning on having a Metra running on an automated schedule as well, both running between two stations.

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