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Tight-lock diaphragms and car-to-car couplings keep a prototypical smoothly connected appearance without sacrificing turning radius. Similar to the real prototype, the Kato 700 Series “Nozomi” bullet train has been redesigned and refitted.
Equipped with a pendulum system which inclines the model train when it runs on a curve just like its real-life prototype.

The newest iteration of the “Nozomi” bullet train which services the route between Tokyo and Hakata, The N700A (or N700 Advanced) has a new nose molding with redesigned headlight shape, a new underbody cowling for the center cars, and a new paint scheme including an extended blue stripe that stretches from the nose down along the body and has the new “A” logo. This N700A Shinkansen cars also feature a redesigned coupling system similar to that used on the E5 Hayabusa for easier and more reliable connections.

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