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Home for historians and modelers of the Pennsylvania Railroad!Keystone Crossings has served 17,598,667 pages since June 1, 1997. The Vollmer family welcomes its newest member… A 2 year-old smooth-coated Border Collie from the Western Australian Shepherd Rescue named Ranger.
If you've ever considered G scale and garden railroading and have the resources to do it…do it!
Crossing a trestle high in the San Juan mountains of Colorado in the early 1940s…More G scale railroading fun.

Can't stay indoors on such a nice day!Mobile UploadsBeautiful day for some outdoor model railroading! All images copyright 2005-2012 Dave Vollmer, and may not be used or re-posted without permission. Another scene from Dave Vollmer's N scale Pennsylvania Railroad Middle Division as a local freight rolls through M Interlocking before a passenger train passes in the other direction. Makes creating an entire train of them affordable vs buying and assembling and painting and decalling the metal models.

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