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55' ACF Centerflow Covered HopperA covered hopper is a railroad freight car designed for carrying dry bulk loads, varying from grain to products such as sand and clay.
Some customers have asked about the color on the underside of our new Heritage Saskatchewan Hawker-Siddeley 4 Bay Cylindrical Hoppers.
North American Railcar Corporation was formed to provide the finest and most accurate rolling stock possible. As with all North American Railcar products, these numbers have been carefully researched to ensure accuracy and will not be repeated. Cylindrical Covered Hopper cars are equipped with etched metal roofwalks and Micro-Trains® trucks and couplers. These cars are painted red with white Canada lettering, gold wheat sheaths and dimensional data. There are  lot of new products here at the show, including some which were just announced today. North American Railcar got the first test shots of their upcoming Potash Cars in last night - they think that they look pretty good, so hopefully that means minimal alterations will be needed before they can go into production. Note the cushion gear mounted on the draft gear and the brake piping goes through the center sill, just as on the prototype. Tangent Scale Models is pleased to announce our next all-new car, the HO Scale General American Dry-Flo covered hopper. The Tangent Scale Models Dry-Flo covered hopper includes road-specific details accurate for each paint scheme.
At more than 100 parts per car, we provide you with an unusual looking yet common, high-value model that will provide you with years of enjoyment. Don’t miss out on the Tangent Scale Models General American Dry-Flo covered hopper, one of the most needed freight cars from the turbulent early-1960s period of freight car development that lasted to the early 1990s! Dear N Scale Customers: One of our customers sent us this great image of our new Green Sask Cars being pulled by a Kato SD90Mac on his layout in England.
If any of our other customers have images of the new Green Sask or Blue Alberta Cars and would like to share them with our other customers, please feel free to send them to us for publication.
North American Railcar Corporation is pleased to announce that all of these N Scale cars are currently en route to our warehouses and should be in stock by the end of the month.
Reservations for these cars have been strong with large percentages of each scheme already reserved. Attention Customers: The Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation delivers products to customers throughout North America. The following list was provided by the Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation, and represents the first 12 road numbers repainted in the new Green paint scheme assigned to Canadian Pacific for administrative purposes and maintenance. The following list was provided by the Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation, and represents the first 12 road numbers repainted in the new Green paint scheme assigned to Canadian National for administrative purposes and maintenance. Dear Customers: This car CNWX # 397199 was the very first car to be painted in the new colors. All Extranet customers who order the full set of 12 CNWX and 12 CPWX cars (24 cars) will be given this limited edition car as a thank you from North American Railcar Corporation for a total of 25 cars.
This offer is available for Extranet Customers who have their orders in by October 30th 2007 only.

If you would like to order any of our products above, please follow this link to our exclusive Client Services Extranet.
Please make sure you use the referral Code NARC so when you make your purchase you will be qualified for the Limited Edition Car. The cover protects the loads from the weather - dry cement would be very hard to unload if mixed with water in transit, while grain would be liable to rot if exposed to rain. When our cars are compared to those of other manufacturers, theirs are black underneath while ours are dark brown. This is our commitment to our customers, and to the model railroaders who formed Pacific Western Rail Systems. One of the reasons we are the only source for the 2008 & 2011 Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation schemes is the simple fact that we have the only correct model for the prototype.
The car is equipped with etched metal roof walks and Micro-Trains® trucks and couplers. So, in no order other than the one in which I was able to grab them for photography, here are several of the new items. This is not an exhaustive list by any means - I still need to go by Walthers, for instance. While covered hopper innovations during the 1950s proved valuable to bulk shippers, they wanted covered hoppers that could handle larger quantities of specialized commodities such as such as oats, malt, and rice.
Our Dry-Flo hoppers include our finely-detailed gravity-pneumatic outlet gates and are ready for any of the following services on your layout: malt, fertilizer, feed, chemicals, plastics, carbon black, rice, or salt. A sharp gray car, these replicas are available in two road numbers and will stand out on any layout.
These cars come with the accurate black underframe coloring with distinctive open and close lettering in white on the six underbody bays. Like some General American painted cars, these cars include the correct black underframe coloring with distinctive open and close lettering in white on the six underbody bays. These gray private operator cars include a large blue and white band, and a distinctive red diamond logo. This car includes the distinctive diamond shaped logo that stands out in white and black on this gray car. Pricing for RTR models is $44.95, with quantity discounts for direct purchases from Tangent Scale Models. The first batch of cars we did 4 years ago, usually sell on e bay for significantly more than the original MSRP. Modelers who wish to order these cars should do so now, as orders will increase now that they are on the way.
On a typical day you will see the cars on all Major North American Railroads, including but not exclusive to BNSF, UP, NS, CSX, & KCS. If you look closely there are minor differences in the placement of the minor graphic details and the warning labels along the sill. This will also give you access to proprietary information and is restricted to our clients only.
However, they are unsuitable for perishables such as fruit or meat - these are transported in refrigerator cars, where they can be kept at low temperatures, as well.

We examine blue prints and pictures, consult experts on the prototypes and examine cars in person.
We sell our North American Railcar Corporation products direct to the customer to keep our products competitively priced while maintaining a highly detailed quality product. The entire Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation fleet of hoppers are  Hawker-Siddeley produced cars. This bright color scheme is contrasted with black roofs & walks, hopper bays and end ladders.
The car is equipped with etched metal roof walks and Micro-Trains® trucks and couplers. This bright color scheme is contrasted with black roofs & walks, hopper bays and end ladders. Coincidentally, plastic pellet producers were also looking for larger cube covered hoppers that could be easily loaded and unloaded under pressure. These sharp cars are available in 4 road numbers and are essential for IC and ICG modelers lasting well into the 1980s.
These cars are available in 3 road numbers and are essential to NP and BN modelers, as well as interchange roads, and lasted well into the 1980s. We know how to do UP right, and this car includes silver-painted trucks and is available in 4 road numbers. This car is quintessential 1960s in its appearance, and is a very sharp model, so don’t miss it! This car is going to be further modified graphically (we are adding some additional graphics to this car to make it different from the rest).
While both National Steel Car and Marine Industries produced cylindrical hoppers of this type, the construction of the cars was substantially different.
The Dry-Flo family of cars was General American’s answer to this call, with gravity-pneumatic or pneumatic-only discharge options available through three different outlet gate versions. Finally, our scale replicas operate as well as they look, equipped with free-rolling all-metal wheels and genuine Kadee® scale couplers, meaning our models are truly ready to run.
Each of these can be loaded and emptied individually, with access at the top to load the materials and visible chutes at the bottom for unloading.Covered hoppers in North American service have been built by most of the freight car manufacturers of the 20th century. If you have a model of a Government of Saskatchewan car that is not a Hawker-Siddeley, it is not prototypically correct.
Oh, and some of our new cars also ride on our new Barber S-2-A 70-ton roller bearing trucks (available separately!), while others ride on our fine ASF 70-ton ride control plain bearing trucks – depending on which truck the prototype rode on! Originally, boxcars were used for the transport of bulk materials, but these had many disadvantages. Not having been specifically designed for this, it was very hard to use any form of bulk material handling to load or unload them.
Also, a large amount of product was liable to be lost, either during loading or unloading, or in transit - since the cars had to be boarded up, rather than using the doors, to enclose the products.

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