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Well its finally finished (mostly, Benchwork drawings would need to be done before construction begins), and here it is for your use if you want it, and would love to get your feedback.
I have done research and am currently writing a article on the layouts operation, namely trains that originated and terminated here at these locations, the cars that came in and went, and so forth. Sorry this took so long but my health hasnt been good as of late and just didnt have the time to devote to it that I thought, but, better now and working again. I have plans to start doing several other designs based on New Orleans railroads in the area and will post them here as i get material ready.

ShareThisI've been working through a layout design for the past few months, trying to get something that took the best advantage of my very small space (apartment living), with thought about the future -- I know I will move at least once, possibly several times, in the next 5 years. I'm not interested in operations very much -- I like to occasionally move some traffic in and out of sidings, but mostly, I like to set things on auto-pilot and just sit back and watch. I visited your blog site but my eyes are too old to attempt to read grey text on black bckground. Im still compiling infromation so anyone out there with details of this please leave me comments or email me details for the article, ill give you credit for any contributions, including photos of operations in this area.

The next one after the afore mentioned article will be on the MP in the Downtown are of the city and its once extensive street trackage and operations based out of the Race Steet Yard and passenger terminal on Annunciation Street.

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