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We would like to let all of our customers know that there are limited numbers left of the Victorian Railways “A2” Class Steam Locomotive 4-6-0 1950-1960s Stephenson’s Valve Gear. HO-Scale Victorian Railways “A2” Class Steam Locomotive 4-6-0 1950s-1960s Stephenson valve gear nearly all gone! We would like to remind those of you who have not purchased your Locomotive to make contact as soon as possible. Precision Scale Models would like to thank it’s customers for their patience with the delay of the Victorian Railways “A2? Class Steam Loco. As PSM exclusively airfreight our range of hand-crafted, quality brass models, any waiting time will be minimised. This Express Passenger Steam Locomotive was exclusively designed and built by the Victorian Railways and began service back in 1907. Precision Scale Models will be reproducing this magnificent steam locomotive in six different versions. Product DescriptionThis is the N Scale Spectrum DCC Canadian National USRA Light 2-10-2 Steam Locomotive (#4201) from Bachmann. Manufacturer CommentsDue to small parts that could cause a choking hazard please kee away from children 3 years of age and younger. Many steam locomotives are awe inspiring, having so much mechanical action, sound and visual impact.
While lesser known to the general public, the Selkirk steam locomotives built by Montreal Locomotive Works are perhaps even more impressive. That job was to conquer the rugged and unforgiving slopes of the Selkirk Mountains between Calgary and Revelstoke. Darth Santa FeThe NWSL kit is more like the MDC drive, but to a much higher level of quality.
With most versions already accounted for there are only a small number of models still available.

However, we are very pleased to announce that these locomotives will now be available at The Exhibition of Australian Model Railways 2011. It was a inconvenient time to examine and appraise the project as quickly and as thoroughly as is necessary.
We understand the disappointment this will cause many of you, our loyal customers, who have been eagerly anticipating this release. Both Walschaerts and Stephenson valve gear will be available in different liveries and also coal and oil burning configurations. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Built for Canadian Pacific starting in 1929, these 2-10-4’s were big, weighing in at as much as 340 metric tons.
And while they did not pull the heaviest load of any steam locomotive, they worked where no other steam locomotive could have survived. Perhaps the most uniquely Canadian steam locomotive, they featured many design features and modifications that allowed them to excel in their environment. So, if you have missed these in the past, now is your chance to get one of these great locomotives.
Some people leave the piston rods off, which probably makes it more sturdy (or maybe they're just lazy!). Beyond this, I won't be doing much more until I get my powering kit from NWSL (currently back in stock!). NWSL has replacement gears to improve them that I haven't tried yet, but hope to in the future.
After extended deliberation we decided not to release the models immediately because of some imperfections in their build detail. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).

The majesty with which these marvels of their time performed is unmatched by modern diesels. The Selkirk was the largest workhorse of the Canadian Pacific on the western mountain slopes, and was the largest non-articulated locomotive in the British Empire. Noisy as heck, bad electrical pickup, the covers underneath both trucks pop off when going in reverse, Unusable as purchased, but I expected this, so I have no complaints.
The parts I do have of the kit are very high quality, and after some quick simple tests, I've found they work very smoothly. If we are not absolutely happy with a model we return to our supplier Ajin of Korea for appropriate modifications, as we have done in this case. Even when diesels finally overtook them and most were taken out of service, there was still a need for the Selkirk.
I was going to try and fit a coreless motor I happened to have in the Shay, but it's too big to look good. They're made from steel and work absolutely great, but installation was a little difficult (especially on the rear truck). I had to put a dot of super glue on the flat side of each one to keep them from slipping out of place.
I'll be happy to put the NWSL gears on my Bachmanns anytime, the Bachmanns are superior in noise, pickup, low speed running. As you are aware, on the MDC, these components are for animation only, and are not used to propel the MDC shay.

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