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QUOTE: Originally posted by ironpenguin To be honest, I think he'd be tearing his hair out in 10 minutes.
I messed around with it a bit and came up with this: Then sort of starting from scratch I got the one below. Hi --- Looking at Justin's thread reminded me how fun really small switching layouts can be.
LarryEnginemanSSRy“Shut one’s eyes tight or open one’s arms wide, either way, one’s a fool.” Flemeth. Layout number 2 gets my vote -- it just looks better than the first one, and it looks like it would be more fun to switch. I'd like to get some feedback regarding what you guys think of a new modular shelf layout design. New Annieville is a medium sized HO scale switching layout on a two foot shelf of 12 foot length. If the station is for passengers, why is it on a spur off a spur off the main line?  Surely there would be a requirement for through passenger service too. I'm always impressed by your plans and suggestions.I have a N scale layout which was built for running trains in a great scenery (Somewhere West) but now I would like to build a switching layout in HO scale. But never so bad it is not good for something - it gave me time to think some more about the track plan for the small layout.

I might actually do a swappable structure scenario and turn it into industries anyway. Your task is to pull the two empty cars A and B, spot the inbound loads, and put the still unloaded cars already at the spur into the right unloading sequence. The track could just as well have been a grocery distribution warehouse, where frozen goods needs to be unloaded at door 5, produce at door 4, beverages at door 3, canned goods at door 2, and dry good at door 1, with heating oil delivered to a tank at position 0. Use the sets individually or in combination as the foundation for larger and better layouts. There is also little or no room for modeling the industry at the team track of Tuffy's salvage. As the car over the pit has been unloaded, the customer will release brakes and ride it down to the part of the spur where the unloaded cars are kept, and then roll another loaded car in over the unloading pit.
Or a company that makes candies, or a scrap dealer where different types of scrap are unloaded at different positions, or a track that has three smaller industries side by side or whatever.
I will add 4' and perhaps 6" in the depth because those 60' cars need much more place. I might not be able to do it though since I want those expansion tracks out the front and back, but i am definately taking these edits back to the drawing board and see what i can do with them - THANKS pipopak!
There also doesn't appear to be an obvious yard with leads and runarounds and so on, but maybe that's what the tracks just above the TT are. The other thing that I noticed is that you have a lot of tracks that follow the table edge.

This is not necessarily a bad thing but a layout set a little askew tends to look a little more appealing.
This would be quite appropriate for a city setting, which most switching layouts are set in. If this is intended to be more suburbs or a small town then the streets and businesses tend to not be so locked in to a gridwork type design.
Taking the sidings on the bottom middle and bending them in slightly towards the center might add some visual interest here. Simply adding a lead that runs from the yard to the edge of the table or behind a row of buildings would suffice.
You might want to check Walther's web site and check the amount of room you will need for buildings.
It would be a good for that and it would be a good place to connect to i you ever decide to expand. I would add someplace for the switch engine (yard goat) to sit and be able to get to the yard with out blocking the other tracks. Then other end of your only run around track uses the inbound track as a lead, so simply running around "blocks the main".

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