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If you were able to get some larger sections on the ends of the horseshoe for turn back curves n scale could be real viable for running trains.
This is our clubs n scale layout and I believe the max width is either 40 inches or 48 inches. Now if you like to build rolling stock that is a bit more in the detailed type than opening a package HO might be the way to go.
With the space you have if in N scale you could model an integrated steel mill complex based on the walthers models and have a nice model. You could do similar things in HO but would have to be more selective in what went on the layout as your modeling space with the larger models would be much less.
Ultimately the choice is yours to make as you need to choose what aspects of model railroading appeal to you the most.
Age has something to do with it too if you are older with your eyes getting worse then HO would be the go. Detailing in N is obviously harder than HO and tends to disappear a bit but there are some beautifully detailed N layouts around.
Operationally I don't see much difference in the runability of the better brands comparing N to HO.

I started out in N many years ago and changed to HO just because of the problems getting the N to run reliably but I think that is really a thing of the past with the superbly engineered models now available in N. Continuous running on anything other than a trolley or interurban with those dimensions in HO scale is not a real viable option. As you can see if doing n scale running longer trains than one could in the same space than in HO is a real plus.
The two models above and below are just a bit more than shake the box kits but offer lots more detail and a very enjoyable build. The top row consists of the less detailed kits and the bottom row the ones with more detail.
You seem to be already committed to a switching layout and have space for a rather nice one in HO as well as N scale.
If you really wanted to switch the industries and sort the cars with the engines and remote couple and uncouple cars I think HO has the edge.
One other thing to consider, are the types of equipment you enjoy the most available in both scales? Your room size is almost the same as mine and it will obviously be a switching layout if you go HO as is mine.

Mainline running (ie round and round) would work in N but the HO could not do that and therefore will be a switching layout. No matter which way you go I would recommend a few of the upmarket locos rather than a lot of the cheaper ones. I have be helping a friend with his large N scale layout and its be fun and have decided to start a layout my self. No matter what your scale, you'll try to have the same number of details in the same space.
Know thsi would be a rather small layout, shelf around room on three walls so like a U. Because this is my first serious scale model railroad, I want to try as many techniques and methods as possible. Now I have bought a NCE power Cab and some Kato N scale track but after reading a few things and seeing what is out there for HO and the Scenery that can be done has me stopped in my tracks ( no pun intended ), I have had a few people say Go HO and detail the hell out of it and one or two Loco's with sound that I would be happier then if I went with N Scale and having some more track and dealing with the much smaller Buildings and Figures.

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