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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Each pack represents three Class A tank wagons operated by the War Office, department A.6, during World War One for the transportation of ingredients for explosives.
In June 1915, the Government decided that it was necessary to take control of the munitions industry, creating the Ministry of Munitions which would become a major operator of freight traffic on Britain's railways.
In January 1915, the War Office created department A.6, which was to oversee the supply of ingredients for the manufacture of high explosives.

With the Ministry of Munitions taking over control of all aspects of munitions management from the War Office, department A6 became the Department for Explosives Supply (DES), with later batches of tank wagons being supplied in the livery of the Ministry of Munitions. Although initially offered as a pristine model, they inevitably became very weathered, as the china clay got everywhere! A fleet of Class A tank wagons were ordered for the transportation of Benzole, an ingredient required for the manufacture of TNT.
With the wagons numbered from No.1 onwards , by the end of World War One the number of wagons had exceeded 300.

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