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Published: Thursday, April 3, 2014Dennis Murphy built this lightweight photo diorama as a showcase for some of his N scale wood structure kits. Hopefully you will never need to do this but if you feel you have good reason please contact us. Back in 1876 you could get a one way ticket on the New York and Long Branch Railroad from Matawan, New Jersey to New York City for under a dollar.
Accurately scaled templates, allowing you to trace out and build to your choice of materials. The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway was formed in 1903 as a subsidiary of the Grand Trunk Railway.
Bunk houses such as these provided sleeping accommodations for railway work crews along the routes. Greymouth, on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, is the western terminus of the Midland Line from Christchurch. As technology encroaches on the traditional rail traffic control systems, signal boxes such as this one are either demolished, or if good fortune prevails, are declared heritage sites and restored to their former glory. Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia, while the Grand Trunk Western Railway operated in Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. N, HO, OO, or O ScaleScaleable to Z, TT, or S Scale - See tutorial on building to other scales.
Download plans in either N, HO, OO, or O ScaleScaleable to Z, TT, or S Scale - See tutorial on building to other scales.
In the days of steam locomotives, travel distances were limited by the available on board storage of fuel and water. The GTP mainline ran from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to the port of Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Financial difficulties led the GTP and the GTR to merge with the Canadian Northern to become part of the Canadian National Railway. Model Builder ® Templates includedBy downloading you agree to our Intellectual Property License Agreement.
Originally these towers housed manual interlocking systems, but were later outfitted with electric systems. The New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, sometimes referred to as just New Haven Railroad, was a consolidation of several smaller railroads in the Northeastern United States during the late 1800's. This engine house, on the New Haven "Wrentham Line" half way between Boston, Massachusetts and Providence Rhode Island, operated from 1892 to 1938. For someone born in 1977, Mexico-born and educated architect Manuel Cervantes Céspedes has scooped up his fair share of accolades. One residential project in particular, El Mirador, located in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, and completed in 2013, has remained in our minds as an impeccable example of how to create elegant balance.
We admit that when we first saw the images way back then, we fell in love with the free-ranging horses. In the end, all of these features are essential parts of the balanced whole: A natural theme that is not disrupted. There isn’t a single material or colour, inside or out, that breaks the theme, yet the house does not look or feel over-themed or over-designed.
The structure is a combination of steel and wood, and local stone is used extensively throughout. The residence itself is a one-bedroom plan and takes up only about 550 square meters (5,920 sq.ft) and includes a kitchen and a large family room that connects to the outside terrace. Architects Geert Bosch and Annemariken Hilberlink of Berlicum, Netherlands-based HILBERINKBOSCH architects designed this timeless gem for a couple whose children have already left the house. The villa is located in Utrechtse Heuvelrug, a municipality in the Dutch province of Utrecht.
The architects pick up even more elegance points through the timeless style of the building itself.
The same seamless colour scheme continues indoors where the forest and dunes seem to be just as present as they are outside. Also, the apartment is located in the Trocadéro neighbourhood with views of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine, and it carries a historical weight as a representative of an era. Like the proverbial sculptor, he removed everything that wasn’t the apartment, including walls, false ceilings, doors and staircases.
The beautiful, U-shaped open space circling an inner courtyard was then carefully outfitted with just the right replacements: Light-weight walls and partitions, open sight-lines, minimal colour, custom-designed furnishings and lighting. Champsaur even convinced the owners to heed the call of their almost-empty-vessel surroundings.
Many of the pieces of furniture, such as the Mars chairs by Konstantin Grcic for ClassiCon, are also sculptural and demand visual scarcity around them.

Over the past seven years, at our creative agency, Access, we have worked with a number of residential and commercial property developers from Abu Dhabi to Sydney, helping them with development and strategy. As a developer and as a city council, do you want to be known as an organization that values and understands design and creates iconic developments? So many developers do not see the value, or even think about the aesthetics of the car park, for example. If a building is desirable and unique, and offers something truly beautiful, trust us, consumers WILL buy.
Your potential buyers, the couples and the mums and dads and even grandparents are design conscious these days.
Kids growing up now understand that design plays a crucial role in everything they consume, from the car they buy to the clothes they wear, to the headphones they listen to, to the cookware they cook, to the hotels they stay. My advice to developers and city councils: Save yourself a lot of money, time and headache, and get it right the first time!
Wirra Willa is a tiny, tranquil pavilion located in Somersby, NSW, Australia, on an 80-acre property that formerly operated as a citrus fruit orchard.
The villa complements the existing larger residence on the remote property and provides a special, separate place for reflection and rest.
The architect’s inspiration was the Fansworth House designed by Mies van der Rohe in 1951. Achieving the appearance of effortless floating became a particularly challenging aspect of this project. Our eyes were drawn initially to the clean lines and basic materials - steel, concrete, glass, sandstone – with wood the dominant feature. At first glance, the K House designed by Sydney-based Chenchow Little appears slightly dark and brooding.
But as soon as we see the view from the garden, the dwelling starts to appear like a protective burrow, a safe hideaway, an intriguing living space.
The house is located on the edge of Sydney Harbour (Vaucluse) overlooking the city skyline and the Harbour bridge.
The internal views are light-filled and airy with none of the darkness or broodiness of the first-impression. In their 10 years in business, Chenchow Little founders, Australians Tony Chenchow and Stephanie Little have become known for bold and distinctive residential projects. Andy Martin Architects has succeeded in balancing the angular and the circular forms beautifully in this large five-bedroom double-fronted mews residence, Mews 04, in London's Hyde Park.
The biggest alteration Martin competed for this residence was to replace the timber-framed faux Victorian-style conservator form the 80s with a beautiful three-waved, sine-curved glass structure. The form language of this new conservatory was then elegantly repeated throughout the house allowing maximum natural light into each space and fitting the client’s existing furnishings in with the new and customized pieces.
Bronze, marble and oak are materials that fit perfectly with the classical styling of the residents’ original pieces. From the rounded topiary at the entrance to the curved marble bath tub, the beautiful curved form brings sophisticated harmony to the entire residence. We are scratching our heads, searching for new words to describe the attraction we have for buildings such as the Limantos residence by Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados. The family engaged Fernanda Marques to create a home – both the architecture and interior are by Marques - that functions well as an everyday residence for the active family, but also lends itself to frequent entertaining.
Marques achieved a beautiful balance between maximum transparency and privacy, and managed to insert the building into a challenging plot while preserving the existing trees. Using glass, concrete and steel, Marques created a timeless house in the spirit of Mies van der Rohe who was the architect’s inspiration for this project. The elegant, white spiral staircase, resembling the inside of a shell or a curled strip of paper, is our favourite detail of this beautiful house. This 300-plus year-old house is located in the ancient port city of Jaffa, the oldest part of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality in Israel. The gorgeous renovation is by the Tel Aviv-based Pitsou Kedem Architects, already well known for their minimalist approach to architecture and design.
The single owner of the house asked the designers to maximize the sea view while keeping the historical feel of the building intact. Our main attraction points in this cool sanctuary are the gorgeous arches, the exposed texture of the old stone, the subdued colour pattern, and the lovely balance between the old and the new. Give us beautiful use of wood, minimalist approach, classic lines, incorporation of nature in design, and we are intrigued. The Tree Snake House in Pedra Salgadas by Luís Rebelo de Andrade and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade fits the bill perfectly. The Lisbon-based architect duo has worked in the spa town of Pedras Salgadas in northern Portugal for some time, creating an Eco-Resort in the park.

The two Tree Snake Houses have many of the same characteristics and the architects worked with the Modular System Company to come up with innovative ways to create the feel of a tree house. The architects are working on additional versions of the Tree Snake House for different environments and climates, including mountainside, riverbank, urban and sand. Coal was dumped from a hopper car, then shoveled into a skip bucket, which was raised to the top of the tower by an electric winch. With his team at CC Arquitectos, he has completed both residential and commercial project that deserve attention. Then we admired the use of reclaimed railway ties as logs for the walls and then we were intrigued by the mirror-like pond at the entrance that also functions as a drinking fountain for the horses. The pine-forested site has a height difference of six meters – a unique feature in the predominantly flat Dutch landscape. Three masters inspired the refined grace: Frank Lloyd Wright for his mastery with natural scenery, Mies van der Rohe for the open and transparent plan, and Peter Zumthor for his brilliance with tactile materials. The dunes inspired the colour of the concrete, and the beige, orange and green hues of pine trees are reflected in the bricks. The owners love art and theatre, and their home is designed to be a perfect showcase for both. You have no doubt your are in a storied, fabulously aging, historical space, but it is also a decidedly and classically modern luxury home. Used to living among numerous valuable and ornate objects in every room, the owners now agreed to select only key pieces that give just the right touch of decoration, tradition and opulence. One of our Our favourites is the green leather banquette seating designed by François Champsaur.
We see city councils approving mediocre design and we see cities looking uglier because of it. This is the case not just for residential development — the same applies to office buildings, hotels and all public buildings in general.
Or will you be known as the ones who created eyesores, or worse, caused a devaluation of an entire area or neighborhood? There is not much point in creating and promoting beautiful interiors when the exterior tells a different story.
It’s a no brainer, yet so many buildings keep going up that do the absolute minimum.
To gain the approvals of the local council, the building had to be raised twice during the building process. In spite of the two forced raises, the structure has retained its feel of floating and the residents can still enjoy the sensation of walking on water. The northern edge – and the sun bathed side - of the site faces a public pedestrian walkway.
Yes, it is the clean, classic lines, the Miesian harmony between nature and the indoors, the understated elegance of less is more.
Like waves on the beach or mountains in the skyline, the building occupies its space as if it were meant to be there. The project team - Pitsou Kedem, Irene Goldberg and Raz Melamed - has achieved this beautifully.
Or, perhaps more truthfully: When certain elements exist we are highly likely to take a second look.
Luckily, we can use many more, and timeless is a third word that comes to mind immediately.
We also love the undulating dividers made of both wood panels and wood slats and strategically placed to emphasize not so much the division but the unity of the spaces. We see property developers rushing to get their building up, wanting to make a quick sale and profit, and not really caring or thinking about the aesthetics of the building.
Would it hurt to make the lifts and foyer more like those of a great hotel and less like a jail or a warehouse? To provide extreme privacy yet allow maximum sun exposure and openness to the views and the rear garden, the architects created a protective masonry shell and built an internal lining of untreated gum timber that will weather over time. Excite us enough that when you go to market, so much buzz has been created that the units sell in 24 hours and at the price you asked for.

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