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Informative Daily Blog with diverse modeling topics related to miniature railroading, such as 15" gauge live steam, HO, N, ON30 and Garden scales. Denny's blog covering his N scale layout representing a portion of the Southern Pacific Coast Line in Central California between Callender and Surf, including the Guadalupe yard, set in the early 1970s.
Metal replacement wheelsets in a variety of sizes and precision as drop in replacements for commercial plastic wheels. Stockton Yard is on the right and the towns of Cochran, Lathrop, French Camp and Ortega are on the left.
This is a large layout and new operators need to qualify before managing a train across the line solo.
The First Subdivision main line is single track so at various points along the line and trains stop and waited occasionally for opposing traffic.
After about ten minutes, the westbound train we were waiting for rounded the turn and took the siding. As the caboose of the local drifted down the siding, we looked toward our eastbound signal hopeful that it would blink to green. Since there was not much else happening in the yard while we were there, we cooled our heels in the caboose yard.

With clearance obtained and our track lined up for us, we ease past the Flier and end our run in the East Yard.
Rather than take you over the line again, I’ll leave you with this shot as we cruise toward Livermore.
I also really enjoyed meeting this experienced crew in the lounge on the first floor below the layout. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
I was assigned train SWG (my train is at lower left) under the watchful eye of my pilot, George, who is conferring with Stockton Yardmaster in the photo above.
Qualification is required in both directions to ensure familiarity with the track configuration, protocols and communications needed to get a train across the line. Tommy’s locomotives are equipped with sound which further adds to the realism as engineers blow the horn for two long, a short and another long over each crossing.
Not this time, we needed to call the dispatcher to get clearance which is not surprising as there was a lot of activity on the line.
On this particular operating night the Yardmaster (Tom) was accompanied by an additional switcher (John).

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Since photography was not my main priority, these are representative shots and more pictures are found in the the HO Layout Gallery. Once clearance was received from the dispatcher to continue to Stockton Yard, we proceeded through Lyoth and eased through Lyoth, Cochran, Lathrop and French Camp before holding at Ortega to confer with the Stockton Yardmaster. When I do have to travel, I like to identify some railroading diversion to make the trip appealing and to offset the drudgery that goes along with flying domestically these days. The dispatcher granted permission to pass the red as due to a problem, was not able to clear the signal for us.
Ahead of us is the Flora Street Flier, a local from Stockton which handles the industries between Stockton and Flora Street Yard. Tommy has a crack team of craftsmen assisting with the construction of the First Sub including the signalling system which is due for another upgrade of its software.

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