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Product Preview: Watch this video (also accessible by clicking the image to the left) to see the final, release versions of these new Freight F-unit locomotives! The Great Nothing models the 155 mile Great Northern mainline between Seattle and Vancouver, in the Pacific Northwest. Double deck layouts don't appeal to me, one level always seems to low or too high, besides much of the realism is lost by the train spiraling up the helix. I am not a fanatic about 'sincere' track planning meaning a train only passes through a scene once. This version features wider aisles, more industries for switching and a larger and more accessible engine terminal. Each leg of the wye carries a different name, Seattle and Vancouver, to capture the idea of distance. The pike is the time honored out and back scheme with mainline wrapped around the room twice. Medium sized motive power was all that was necessary to handle the bustling traffic of the period.
As noted above, the INTERNATIONAL carried headend car(s), an unreserved coach, reserved seat air conditioned coach, a diner and a parlor-lounge-observation.
One train consist and some extra equipment from the coach yard can be used to model the above four trains.

Peddlers account for the lion's share of switching traveling the main and as expected, working local industry spurs at the three towns. For passenger service, it was necessary for the locomotives to have a Steam Generator to provide heat and electricity in the passenger cars. By looping the mainline twice around the room, some running space between the towns has been gained.
Eastern railroads favored a "Single Headlight" version of the F3, while Western railroads favored a "Dual Headlight" version.
In later years, many F3 locomotives originally intended for passenger services were downgraded to freight duty. It is being built at eye level to watch and hear big steam power handle mainline consists. This will allow a route from either approach track to any terminal track to be aligned with a single command. The 2014 run of CB&Q Freight F3's have a number of passenger features, such as the straight pilot, as they began their life as locomotives pulling the California Zephyr before being repainted and repurposed as freight locomotives. During operating sessions, if the yard backs up, the wye can be used to turn trains instead of switching. There is a toggle to change to straight DC so that visitors may bring thier locos to run and for my locos that are still not converted to DC.

Since the high amp Tsunamis are not yet available, 6 locomotives have dual decoders, a high amp decoder for the motor and Tsunami for sound.
The difference is the manifest is a fast freight and carries cars are appropriate for a expedited service. This follows GN practice which used a wye at both Vancouver and Seattle to turn passenger consists. The long and slow drags operate the same as the manifests but with all cars not suitable for the manifest. The track from Bellingham is the lower level through the bath and goes to Everett, the double ended five track staging yard. In the 20s and 30s GN cut of the diner at Blaine northbound and picked it up on the southbound trip.

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