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A 4,000-mph magnetically levitated train could allow you to have lunch in Manhattan and still get to London in time for the theater, despite the 5-hour time difference. One proposed route for the transatlantic maglev train passes through northeastern Canada before barreling toward the British Isles and continental Europe, briefly kissing terra firma on Greenland and Iceland. To prevent drift from currents or storms, neutrally buoyant tunnel sections will be anchored 30 to 40 feet into the seafloor.
Crux: Neutrally buoyant vacuum tunnel submerged 150 to 300 feet beneath the Atlantic's surface and anchored to the seafloor, through which zips a magnetically levitated train at up to 4,000 mph.
The idea is as wondrous as it is audacious: Get on a train at New York City's Penn Station and hit Paris, London or Brussels just an hour later.

As envisioned by Frankel and Frank Davidson, a former MIT researcher and early member of the first formal English Channel Tunnel study group, sections of neutrally buoyant tunnel submerged 150 to 300 feet beneath the surface of the Atlantic, then anchored to the seafloor–thereby avoiding the high pressures of the deep ocean. Daron MTA Motorized NYC Subway Train Set with TrackDaron officially licensed MTA subway train set. It's not impossible: Norway has studied neutrally buoyant tunnels (concluding that they're feasible, though expensive), and Shanghai is running maglev trains to its airport. Because aboveground sections would be cheaper to build than their underwater counterparts, such a route would be more economical than a direct shot through the Atlantic. Then air would be pumped out, creating a vacuum, and alternating magnetic pulses would propel a magnetically levitated train capable of speeds up to 4,000 mph across the pond in an hour.

But supersonic speeds require another critical step: eliminating the air--and therefore air friction--from the train's path. A vacuum would also save the tunnel from the destructive effects of a sonic boom, which, unchecked, could potentially rip the tunnel apart. Great fun item!$5.69Munipals NYC Subway A Car Toy Train Wooden Railway CompatibleNYC Subway toy train, officially licensed by the MTA.

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