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Until the Union Passenger Terminal was constructed in 1954, the major railroad lineseach had their own individual stations, though, a few shared a station with anotherline.
The Louisville and Nashville station, built in 1902, located atCanal Street and the Mississippi River; picture ca. Originally used as the Illinois Central depot, but eventually by other lines, as well, this station waslocated on the site of the current Union Passenger Terminal on Loyola Avenue; picture ca.
Station for the Louisiana-Arkansas and Kansas City-Southern, built in 1923, located in the700 block of S.
Minutes before arriving at Woodlands on the 30th of June, the last of the Malayan Railway trains to cut across our island would have passed what would be the last operational level crossing in Singapore.
The last day of June this year will bring to a close a long chapter in our history, one that will break a link we have had with the Malayan Railway, now operated by Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM), that went back some 108 years.
The last train will pass reach Woodlands Checkpoint at approximately 23:00 on 30th June 2011 and that will end 108 years of trains of the Malayan Railway chugging through Singapore. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. It is probably appropriate that the crossing, one of two gated crossings left (the other being at Gombak Drive), is the last that will see a train pass through, being close to the terminal point of the original Singapore-Kranji Railway which commenced operations in 1903. The railway’s beginings can be traced back to the Singapore-Kranji Railway which started service in 1903 providing a link from the north down to the terminal station in Tank Road. The original line had featured numerous level crossings, particularly in the busy city centre and in planning the Railway Deviation of 1932, a stated objective had been the elimination of the level crossings in the city which proved not just to be costly to maintain, but also contributed to significant congestion on the city roads as well as being dangerous. A ferry service was introduced which provided rail passengers with a link to the Johor Railway across the Straits of Johor which was replaced by the rail link across the Causeway when that was built.
What we are left with today are five operational manned level crossings, three of which are closed by a barrier rather than a gate.
It was a railway deviation in 1932 that diverted the railway to its current terminal at Tanjong Pagar, cutting a path through from Bukit Timah deviating from its original route over towards Ulu Pandan, Buona Vista, Tanglin Halt, towards the new grand terminal built to provide Singapore with a station that was befitting of its economic importance.

The crossings are at Gombak Drive, Choa Chu Kang Road (the widest), Stagmont Ring Road, Sungei Kadut Avenue and Kranji Road.
During this learning theme the children will explore the concepts of what is snow and how do arctic animals, like polar bears, walruses, and penguins keep warm in their cold homes? At the end of the month on Friday, January 31 we will end the theme with a Hibernation Pajama party. The children will wear their PJ’s to school and bring along their favorite teddy bear or stuffed animal for hands on activities exploring how animals hibernate for the Winter. The children can hardly wait for it.  At Art Time the children took handfuls of artificial snow and piled it high on to their collages to make fur to keep their paper polar bears nice and warm. We practiced Ll letter recognition, phonics, and words that begin with L like lion, lamb, and lollipop. The children love looking forward to Movie Fridays each week so we thought we would start another day theme they could look forward to but this one would have an academic focus.
On Math Mondays the children will explore math concepts through books, flash cards, songs, and activities centered around counting, shapes, patterns, colors, and number recognition. Some of the things we will be counting are coins, unifix cubes, blocks, and anything else that catches their attention. So if you hear your child laughing and counting in a funny voice it is because the Count from Sesame Street is working his magic to make math fun. We are also reaffirming the children’s color and shape skills and moving on to more complex geometric shapes.
We are matching up the color with it’s written word so the children will recognize not only the color but the spelling of the word as we move toward reading. We did not know we had so many penguins in the daycare until the children rounded them up to count them. After counting penguins we started talking about where they live, what they eat, and the many different penguin types.

One of the activities this week was working on the big wooden floor puzzle of the United States that Ralphie brought on New Toy Day. Day    January 20-24, 2014We added block buddies to the block building center for more imaginative play activities. The children have been busy building castles for the knights, dragons, and princesses, rescue vehicles for the firefighters, houses for the puppies, barns for the horses, and rocket ships for the astronauts to blast into space.
They marched their painted foot onto the paper and surprise a perfect little penguin appeared  justas unique as they are.
The children created a seal shaped book filled with interesting animal facts about how animals keepwarm in the cold. Of all the animals they are learning about the children are fascinated with the Narwhal which iscalled the unicorn of the sea because of the long horn on it’s head.
He worked his magic as he helped the children count flowers and see how high they could count!Hooray! The groundhog is one such animal who burrows into the ground to hide from the winter weather.  On Groundhog’s Day, February 2, Punxsutawney Phil, peeks out of his burrow to predict if he thinks winter is over or not.
The children made their own groundhog puppets and colored a grassy burrow for them to peek in and out of just like Punxsutawney Phil.
The children built and connected our many tunnels together to make their own burrows to hibernate in just like the groundhog. With all the climbing in and out of the tunnels it didn’t take long for the children to become tired out.

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