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Here you will find the most up to date information regarding the Club’s Annual Exhibitions and events.
If you think you would like to join our club, feel free to come along to one of our meetings and see what you think.
The last month has seen the continuation of projects by many of our members, both for club layouts and members’ personal layouts.
The second talk evening, held last week, was a practical demonstration of scenic techniques from visiting published modeller, Gordon Gravett. Many thanks go to Gordon for his talk and demonstration which was full of useful tips and advice which we can apply to our own layouts. Modelling evenings in October were once again productive with work continuing on the various club layouts including track laying, wiring and planning. As well as the usual mix of activities during our modelling evenings, over the last couple of weeks there has been progress made with a couple of the Nailsea and District Model Railway Club’s layouts. There has also been work done to the new OO gauge layout which is to be based on a harbourside. Next will be to start work laying the track on the other baseboard before wiring the whole lot up.
Yesterday was the first late summer Weston-super-Mare model railway exhibition at The Campus, which has been organised by Keith and Joyce Price to raise money for Weston Hospice Care (registered charity no.900328), in addition to the usual January show.
There was also a layout attending with associate Nailsea and District Model Railway Club members, John Anderson and Paul Taylor with their layout Devonport Road. Set in North America circa 1950s to 1970s featuring realistic sound systems and superb scenic details. This layout is set in the area between Bristol and Glouscester and covers a wide time span from 1948 to 1972, so both steam and diesel are operated by both the Midland and Western regions of BR. A new layout to display Barry’s large selection of diesels in the period 1970s to 1990s.
This model is based on Moorewood Colliery and tramway which was in the southern Mendip coalfield in Somerset. This layout is set in 1922 and replicates the Taff Vale Railway and station at this location. This very scenic layout is set in the high altitude section of the Settle and Carlisle Railway and represents any period from the 1950s to the present day. This is a fictional colliery layout set in the Forest of Dean during British Railways era with both steam and diesel featured. A delightful layout which incorporates superb modelling of canals, swing bridges, wagon hoists, turntables and tramways.

This is a fictional Cornish china clay works layout set in the British Railways era with both steam and diesel featured. This is a fictional layout set in the Federal Republic of Germany near the East German border circa 1979 to 1984. A superb new layout built by Mike to celebrate the 3mm Society’s 50th Anniversary in 2015.
Club Test Track – N and OO circuits that the visiting public are welcome to test their models on. During the last month at the Nailsea and District Model Railway Club, we have had a number of productive modelling evenings with club members continuing with their various kit building, discussions and more.
There has also been a start made to a new club layout, more details of which will be given once the project is further on. While thoughts have turned towards developing a new club layout, work continues on the other club layouts as well.
The above photo shows a couple of diesel hydraulic locomotives posed on OO gauge club layout Norton Vale during the discussions of work to be done to the layout.
One of the items of rolling stock being built during the modelling evenings is the 7mm scale permanent way brake van shown above. The above photo shows part of the underside of the HO Scale club layout New Mexico Railroad Museum. We also had a club member adding some detailing parts to his Gauge One Live Steam model of Battle of Britain class 34051 Winston Churchill.
A brief report on the recent Annual Exhibition has now been added to the website complete with a few photos.
All you members of the public who paid to come to the show – our very special thanks to you!
This update is just a quick thank you to all who came to our annual exhibition last weekend. We hope that everyone who did come along enjoyed their visit and a big thank you to the exhibitors, traders and everyone else involved in putting on the show.
This two day event has a range of model railway layouts covering many different scales, regions and eras, with numerous trade stalls as well as society stands and demonstrations.
The only rules were that it must be a working model within the confines of the measurements already stated. Because of it’s small size you can literally pick it up under your arm and place on the back seat of a car.
Also, as a small update to the events page, the prices for this years Nailsea and District MRC Annual Exhibition have been confirmed and are now listed with the rest of the 2015 Annual Exhibition information here.

The image below shows the various materials and tools on the table during the demonstration on the left and a finished example diorama with one in progress made during the evening on the right. A few members have also been working on constructing items of rolling stock and scenic structures from kits and enjoyed discussing various aspects of railways, both model and real. The layout started life as an unfinished project by one of our club members with the addition of a spare baseboard to increase the size of it. This is just a quick update to announce which layouts are planned to appear on display at this event in March 2016.
As the new layout will be built on two boards to make it portable, a practical demonstration of fitting baseboard alignment dowels was given during our most recent meeting. Part of Norton Vale was setup for members to discuss work required to maintain the condition and make operational and scenic improvements for future use at exhibitions. The amount of detail possible in the larger scales is evident with the individually fitted wire handrails which had been recently attached before being photographed. The modelling evenings have continued to have a variety of different modelling projects worked on by the different club members, including kit building, kit bashing, model detailing, model maintenance and more. This layout had recently been to a show and it was found to have a minor problem which needed a bit of tinkering to adjust the operation of one of the points ready for it’s next show appearance. This model appeared on static display at our last annual exhibition in March earlier this year. A report and a few pictures will be added to the website soon, so if you weren’t able to make it, check back to see what you missed soon. 2015 marks the fifth year we have held our annual show at this venue, which has proved to be a popular choice with it’s space and facilities.
These things do happen occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances, however an alternative layout has been able to step in to fill the gap. Also those people who say they do not have space for a layout should look at the layout and see what can be done in a very small space. A track plan has been drawn up for a shunting layout which incorporates the trackwork from the original unfinished project which has had a few minor adjustments made to it. This made use of insulfrog points and it has been decided to replace these with Peco electrofrog points. With the plans for the extended layout using the second baseboard, an additional set of points was also required, which has been added just before the joint between the two boards.

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