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Friday afternoon saw traders, exhibitors and stewards arrive at East of England Arena, Peterborough to get everything set up. If two heads are better than one, just think what can be achieved when we all work together. Thanks Douglas, although id love it, I cant afford it funds are committed elsewhere, and not just to steam unfortunately. I really appreciate the effort you put into photographing and reporting on garden railway events. Martin_________________Manifestly it is better to use simple tools expertly than to possess a bewildering assortment of complicated gadgets and either neglect or use them incompetently.
I really like the figures, I think they add a lot of fun to the hobby Have one myself, though they are quite rare to get hold of as they are crafted by hand, and I think Rob has taken a back seat in making them, though I may be wrong? For some reason I find ultra-realistic figures look even more phoney: frozen into position as they are, they convey no sense of animation and draw attention away from the models.

The caricature-like ones do not draw my eye and therefore remain in the background, much the way real people do if I have no particular reason to be looking at them. Wonderful - thanks for that Douglas - one has to wonder, if that wasn't *all * of it, what more there was to look at Great job! Press the 'Join' button at the top of the page, to be part of the largest toy steam forum on the internet. My group, the South Birmingham and Solihull Group were debuting our modular layout and managed to get everything in place within 75mins of touching down at Peterborough. It ran sluggishly but gallantly on the first, flew well in the second run after the trunions had been loosened, but failed at the end of the third run with clanking and stiffness.
Someday I would like to go to one myself, even if it's just a running day at Butterley or something.
It seems to me like the more realistic you make a scale figure, the more fake it looks in the overall scene.

They are made on the better class of rapid prototyping machine from scans of actual people in actual poses and are absolutely superb. The wheel bearings are shot to pieces with a lot of play - this is after five years of solid service however, so come May, some new wheelsets will need to be ordered, painted and lined. The figures are occupying space that one knows ought to be occupied by a figure, yet they don't spoil the illusion by attempting to reproduce something that is not reproducible- a real person. Our multi-national members enjoy sharing photos & videos of engines by Mamod, Wilesco, Jensen, Bowman, SEL, Doll, Bing, Scorpion, Renown & more.

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