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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Does footage of a 1995 Mike Tyson fight show a ‘time traveller’ using a smartphone to record the bout? While the Combat Guard might not be meant for domestic use for obvious reasons, it is clear that some civilians will be drawn to it as thoughts of apocalypses and survival continue to brew.
Created by a company called Israeli Military, the Combat Guard is full armored and can withstand small arms fire, landmines and IEDs. Selection and purchase of motor vehicles for the armed forces has to be done in an open and transparent process. General VK Singh has well and truly thrown an angry wet cat into a room full of Delhi’s best, and the grapevine as well as the jungle drums are abuzz with savage verbal exchanges of the sort that would can overshadow the Jeep scandal of the sixties. Likewise, in what is probably the crux of the current matter, is the way that sub-standard 4WD vehicles are sought to be foisted onto the Indian Army from a particular manufacturer.
Here it is very interesting to analyse the current position with smaller 4WD vehicles used by the Indian Army. But it is the space between the Maruti Gypsy and the Ashok Leyland Stallion that remains in a haze, and this is where the current controversy seems to be centred, and rightly so. Regardless of which manufacturer it is that General VK Singh refers to, fact remains, without compromising national security, there needs to be some transparency in some matters pertaining to the armed forces in India, especially in matters like vehicle selection. As a motoring journalist, it is my submission that selection and purchase of motor vehicles for the armed forces, barring the highly specialised ones, be done in an open and transparent process. After all, for a price of Rs15 lakh (without taxes, since these are for the armed forces) our soldiers can pick and choose from pretty much any decent brand and model of 4WD on offer by other manufacturers, too. Whether put in their minds by the media, underground factions or other imaginative sources, they and others will find the Combat Guard intriguing.
Outfitted with a 300 horsepower General Motors Diesel engine, it can cover 95 miles per hour, making a quit exit when things go south. The chief of Army Staff has revealed that he had been offered a bribe of Rs14 crore by a lobbyist on behalf of a well-known and existing supplier of vehicles to the Indian Army.

Mr Joshi's tenure in the ministry of defence during the NDA government and the purchase decisions made by him then in his capacity of joint secretary are the talk of the town. A friend who was on a ship providing support services then recalls how they would typically receive about 10% of the animals manifested—because the supply officers and audits would calculate the total cubics of the single deck holds without realising that you simply can not carry live animals stacked on top of each other.
But that does not mean that fuel, adulteration or misuse, is not part of the whole corruption scenario in the armed forces. A rebuilt 4WD, tentatively named after an implement used to chop wood with, is sought to be sold to the army at a price of about Rs15 lakh when the civilian version of the same is sold at about slightly less than half the price. On one side, you have the petrol-driven Maruti Gypsy, which appears to be giving good service, for the role it has to play. This used to be occupied by the now defunct Nissan Jonga of the fifties vintage and the various models on offer from Mahindra & Mahindra. There is nothing secret about these 4x4 vehicles, they are also used for private and civilian government customers, and their technical specifications as well as performance parameters are up there in public domain.
If that is one good thing that comes out of this whole episode, then the nation will be served that much better. Not necessarily from only the one who has had a monopoly since Independence—and has not done much to upgrade their 4x4 either. The Combat Guard also boasts an electronic countermeasures system called Bright Arrow that can deflect or destroy guided weapons fired at it. There is almost no doubt on the identity of the manufacturer involved, or the vehicle offered and rejected. Across all levels, whether it is using service vehicles for private use, or taking land meant for army usage and converting it into golf courses or apartment blocks maintained through funds meant for other purposes, or even the way officers and their wives are spotted in full uniform and plumage at airports to welcome their seniors or others—it is no longer only about dipping into regimental mess funds or fiddling with the rations.
Some of the results were found in his possession during the income tax raids in Bhopal and elsewhere. Talk to serving or recently retired armed forces officers, or ride by trains past army positions, and you will see backyards full of rotting vehicles of this brand, suffering for lack of spare parts or being cannibalised. On the mid-range side, the Ashok Leyland Stallion and the Tata LPTA 715 seem to serve the purpose in the 2.5-tonne to 5-tonne payload range, and then there are the bigger ones.

The 2015 Toyota Hilux will be the first vehicle of this lineup with some significant changes. New Hilux will be designed to handle different types of terrain and in all kinds of weather.
Anyway, using the other info obtained from other sources, we can partly guess what kind of engines we can expect.
I try to keep up with new concept 4x4 vehicles and give you an idea about the potential in the design as it relates to off-road capability. Even the armed forces drivers on duty in Khan Market talk openly about such things—you just have to hang around the car repair shops there to listen in. Land Rover DC100 Concept I told myself I wouldn't get caught up in this debate regarding Land Rover's latest concept car, shown at the Frankfurt Auto Show. That will continue the work from previous model, for which they received a lot of positive feedbacks and praise. Day of arrive of the 2015 Toyota Hilux is still far away, so company has enough time to make and put best combination for this vehicle and keep its supremacy on truck market.
But, feedbacks from truck lovers are good, so we can wait for official unveiling to be confirmed so we can try it also.
Expected changes for the 2015 model will be made in cabin, design and increased cargo up to 3000 kg. New interior will contain a lot of new features, with center dashboard which was never seen before. The technology used is a precursor for what to expect in commercial heavy truck applications.
Living in Iceland he loves to share the coolest 4x4 trucks and supporting more offroad freedom.

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