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Send to a friend Send to a friend New Bright G Holiday Express Electric Animated Train Set NBR384New Bright Holiday Express Electric Animated Complete and Ready-to-Run Train Set. By Matt L, on May 14th, 2013Auckland Transport have released some new photos of the first of our new electric trains being built in Spain.

The first train is about to roll off the production line at Construcciones y Auxillair Ferrocarriles (CAF) in Spain.
Auckland Transport Chief Executive David Warburton says, “The input of various interest groups has helped with the final layout.
The three-car trains carry up to 375 passengers, around 100 more than the current trains or an increase of over 35 per cent. Full carriage back to wall seating would have provided virtually the same number of bms on seats and far better access for large (recalling last year’s media stories), disabled, those young kids, buggies and people carrying luggage.
There will be longitudinal seating near the doors and in the low floor section of the middle carriage so still lots of space for luggage, buggies etc. As far as I’m aware the goal at the moment is for as many seated passengers as possible which is why they have gone for the seating they have. Like Matt’s says the passenger saloons are a hybrid between suburban and metro configurations.
And yes they are designed so they can be easily rearranged with fully longitudinal seating, or a greater proportion. Owen – Flip seats good idea on intercity trains, but would just add to wear and tear and people using seats as foot rests on local services.
The seats are cantilevered off the floor, I understand, with no middle supports – so no problem cleaning under them if that is true. While these orders are processed within our regular timeline this option is not a premium shipping method and due to stock allocation and shipping service they may take 3-10 business days to be delivered. Shipping under ORM-D means that the product will ship via FedEx Ground only, and cannot be shipped outside of the US.
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CAF is building a fleet of 57 three-car high-speed train sets to carry passengers on the Auckland suburban rail network. Between September and April the new trains will be thoroughly tested and used for driver training before going into operation once there is a sufficient number to run a commercial service. This comes after Auckland Transport consulted with user groups (including the mobility impaired and cyclists) on what they need from the trains. The longitudinal seating will be Priority Seating for people with mobility issues, seniors and parents with children as well as those travelling with large items like bikes and cases. Lost opportunity to have more room for standing passengers heading to Eden Park when trains are crowded, fast entry and exit, no need to climb over people when you’re trying to get out of the window seat, better vision across the carriage to take in the scenery giving the eyes more time to focus on landmarks or see your stop and no need for half the passengers to ride facing backwards. If they will mostly run as 6 car sets, then the two extra drivers cabs is a lot of extra space that won’t be used for passengers.
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These new state of the art trains have been designed to meet the specific needs of Aucklanders and feature the latest in terms of safety, comfort and reliability. There will be four sets of flip up Priority Seats inside the middle (or trailer) car where bicycles and wheelchairs can be secured for travel.
The design is such that in the future the seating can easily be changed to longitudinal if needed.
For larger quantities of fuel (Example: case quantities), it must be transported under HAZMAT.
Transporting as HAZMAT means that the amount of fuel is considered hazardous and will be subject to shipping by Ground services, including a HAZMAT fee for the special transportation.

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