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We received a special announcement from Overland Models regarding the new Heritage Engines coming from Norfolk Southern.
Each paint scheme will be modified to fit contemporary locomotives while staying as true as possible to the original designs. Central of Georgia Railway (SR, GE) was formed in 1833 to connect Macon, Ga., with Savannah, completing a rail link between Chattanooga and the port.
Central Railroad of New Jersey (CR, EMD) was the first American railroad to have its employees wear uniforms, and in 1892 one of its locomotives set a world speed record of 105 mph.
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western (CR, EMD) was created in 1849 to connect the rich anthracite coalfields of the Lackawanna Valley of Pennsylvania to northern New Jersey.
Erie Railroad (CR, EMD) was key to economic development along the Southern Tier, which includes Binghamton and Elmira, N.Y. Illinois Terminal Railroad (NW, EMD) began life as the Illinois Traction System in 1896 as an interurban electric railroad in central and southern Illinois. Interstate Railroad (SR, GE) was incorporated in 1896 to serve southwestern Virginia coalfields. Lehigh Valley Railroad (CR, GE) was built to haul coal, replacing water transport down the Lehigh River, and was also known as the Route of the Black Diamond. Norfolk Southern Railway (SR, GE) (not to be confused with today’s Norfolk Southern) was a line serving southeast Virginia and northeast North Carolina, chartered in 1883 and acquired by Southern Railway in 1974. Penn Central (CR, EMD) Transportation Company was created in 1968 from the merger of the New York Central and the Pennsylvania Railroad, and the New York, New Haven and Hartford was added shortly afterward. Reading Company (CR, EMD) was one of the first railroads built in America, and built its fortune hauling coal.
Savannah & Atlanta Railway (SR, EMD), began life as the Brinson Railway in 1906, slowly expanding from Savannah toward the Northwest.
Southern Railway (GE) originated as the South Carolina Canal and Rail Road Company in 1827. Virginian Railway (NW, EMD) was the only railroad created through the capital and credit of one man, oil magnate Henry Huttleston Rogers.
Norfolk Southern Corporation is one of the nation’s premier transportation companies.
Overland products are handcrafted by some of the world’s foremost manufacturers of detailed brass models using their exact specifications. Overland models now feature NMRA-compliant DCC plugs so that customers can install the decoder of their choice. Well it looks like I will be retiring my first layout this spring and moving to a more modular shelf layout instead. Coincidentally I have almost the identical space and have designed a plan with an industrial urban harbor theme.
If I could figure out a way to upload my plan, I will post it as a follow-up to give some idea of my thought process. I am only speculating, but this probably surfaced when General Hobbies Corporation filed for bankruptcy in 1982.
If you have any question about this Buy THIS Now Classified Ad Item, please contact the member. If you are the winner you will be entered into a legal & binding contract with the SELLER to purchase this item. Four years ago I sold a locomotive I no longer wanted, and with the extra cash I decided to buy something I normally wouldn’t. I spent a bit of time contemplating how to make a fixture and worked out some of the details to manufacture a prototype. If you look closely at the image above two rails can be seen protruding from the right side of the lower turnout. If you look closely at the lower left front of the engine in the large version of this picture below (click on the picture) the engine is sitting on these pieces of rail on top of the turnout. Since there are lots of posts on this blog that are not necessarily related to the building of the CNJ Bronx Terminal, relevant posts about just construction can be tricky to follow. The way of letting track climb on top of other tracks as is on your to say the least complicated track was quite common on seldom used connections here in Sweden.

I find it stimulating and encouraging to see work like this, rolling up your sleeves and tackling something so different and new is both brave and energising. My favorite characteristic is the design of the freight loading doors of the freight house allwoing a string of cars to be pulled up to them spaced for the right interval!
I’ve actually been on the ground where this was as also I have been to the Harlem Transfer property.
The trackwork looks like Excedrin headache number 100 to me but looks great I will follow along with great interest.
Hello Tim your skills never stop amazing me.I hope you are enjoying your new place of residence,I will miss you guys on this years Double headers tour. I have been going over this Bronx Terminal site you are recreating and it is very impressive.
Where ever there was heavy foot traffic to load or unload freight cars dirt would be brought to level the surface between the ties so that the workers would not trip while working. Description: This is a perfect little HO Scale accessory for detailing your model train layout.
In 1999, Norfolk Southern expanded the scope of its heritage with its acquisition of a portion of Conrail. It was famed for two passenger trains named after prize-winning race horses, the Nancy Hanks and the Man O’ War.
A hurricane in 1955 knocked the railroad out of operation for a month, with the resulting financial difficulties forcing it to merge with the Erie Railroad in 1960 to form the Erie Lackawanna Railroad. In 1851, Secretary of State Daniel Webster was strapped to a rocking chair on an open flatcar, wrapped in a blanket and clutching a bottle of rum, so he could ride the just-completed railroad. Hit by the Great Depression, it was reorganized as the Illinois Terminal in 1937 and attempted to survive as a passenger railroad until relinquishing that business in 1956, when it was acquired by a consortium of railroads. Louis Railroad (NW, GE) was commonly referred to as the Nickel Plate Road, a moniker it acquired when the Norwalk (Ohio) Chronicle referred to it in 1881 as “the great New York and St. It was consolidated with other small railroads to become the Savannah & Atlanta in 1917.
After building a short line, the Deepwater Railway, to haul coal out of West Virginia and then being blocked by the bigger railroads, he created another railroad, the Tidewater Railway, to reach Norfolk, Va., then combined the two into the Virginian in 1907. It was acquired by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1927 and leased to Norfolk & Western in 1964. Its Norfolk Southern Railway subsidiary operates approximately 20,000 route miles in 22 states and the District of Columbia, serves every major container port in the eastern United States, and provides efficient connections to other rail carriers. The models are beautifully factory finished for the most authentic representation possible. I did a quick rework, but I'm still a bit at odds with the salvage, furniture, glass, and warehousing area. I am not disagreeing with you about a runaround often being nice to have (and I have one on my upstairs shelf switching layout), but it is not a necessity. Since March of 2007 I have been documenting the construction of the former CNJ Bronx Terminal in HO scale.
I almost know what you went through, I had to build partial turnouts on my model of the SS Badger. For what it is worth I grew up in the south Bronx in the 1950s and played in this yard as a kid. I would like to send you some CNJ stuff I have, but wasn’t able to locate an e-mail address…HELP! This is a DAF soft top truck with a 18’ bed and a 26’ soft top pup trailer, suitable for layouts in the modern day, 1980’s and up. The heritage locomotives will represent most of the railroads that played significant roles in Norfolk Southern’s history.
The heritage locomotives will be used to haul freight across Norfolk Southern’s 20,000-mile, 22-state network.
Louis double track, nickel plated railroad,” supposedly indicative of its solid financial backing.
Norfolk Southern operates the most extensive intermodal network in the East and is a major transporter of coal and industrial products.

For my day job, I design track building tools for Fast Tracks, a small company I own and operate.
The bracing for removable tracks you refer to, could they be turnout actuators arms instead? The most common use of this turnouts was to connect hidden engine depots out where mainlines passed through deep forests. The first units will be delivered in March, and all units are expected to be riding the rails by June 1, Norfolk Southern’s 30th anniversary date.
Permanent tracks with roadbeds would be harder to camoflague from the enemy spy aircraft ( read USSR ) in the cold war era. I am very happy with the fixtures you made for me, even single wheelpairs run smoothly through, amazing! Am contacting your service section to get advice on the best combination of your products to buy to construct my new layout. My latest is a 44 foot long On3 module project in 9 sections with all track being hand laid with your fast track products. Having never worked in On3 before or never laying hand made track is only a few of the required things I need to learn to pull this off. Your latest on-line newsletter helped to ease my pain and you must of increased the audio on the videos because I can hear them now without earphones. Some of the trains have some track time BUT all were stored in their original boxes (please see the condition description for more details).
I am excited to start building track and turnouts now that the modules bases are ready and you have made me feel that once I get started I will find that this monster track can be tamed and become a pet project.
Some of the items in kit form were built but most are still new and complete in the original boxes.
Most of the trucks, cars and accessories NEVER came out of their boxes, again see the listing notes for details. He (like me) just bought a lot of them to look at and for some visual pleasure but neither of us could get down to actually building our layout. If you have questions then contact me or if you have multiple purchases then do not pay until I send you an updated invoice! All invoicing is done within 3 business days of purchase and all final invoice totals will include the item(s) selling price(s), associated shipping charges and any multiple purchase shipping adjustments. If you want a tracking number then the items will have to ship by Canada Post Tracked Packet (no insurance) which will cost an extra US$6.00 over the Small Packet Rate shown in the listing. If you also want insurance it will have to ship by Canada Post Expedited Parcel (see item 2 below).
3) If the total order value is over $1000.00, I will break the order into multiple boxes and invoice you accordingly.
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If you have a question as to the shipping charges on combinations of multiple items then please contact me via a message through eBay prior to purchase or end of auction. Receiving Your Order and Feedback: When you receive the package please inspect it and review the quality and condition of the order.
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