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I did all the driving during the month, and it amounted to close to 1,500 miles on the road.
You’d think that over the course of 31 days in NY, NJ, and PA I’d see more advertisements for online gambling – legal in the Garden State. Furthermore, while there’s some sense to the fact that I saw a good amount of ads for online gambling while in the Atlantic City area and in the casinos there, that whole concept kind of misses the entire point of online gambling, namely that you can gamble from your computer from anywhere you want (in this case, within New Jersey state lines) WITHOUT having to drive all the way to a casino.
The fact of the matter is that I barely noticed any offline advertising for casino gaming or poker online whatsoever. So next time you poker fans read statistics about online poker and online gambling in New Jersey and can’t figure out why the numbers aren’t higher, don’t be so surprised. Running this poker website takes a lot of time and effort, and for that reason we are grateful to our sponsors, many of which are online casinos and poker rooms. As part of the agency’s ongoing initiatives to be a good steward of the environment, the Port Authority Board of Commissioners today approved an incentive program for ocean vessels that call on the Port of New York and New Jersey. The three year, $4.875 million Ocean-Going Vessel Clean-Vessel Incentive (CVI) program aims to encourage ship operators to improve their engines, use cleaner fuels, and upgrade their technology to reduce emissions from ocean-going vessels, which are the largest source of air pollutants at port-related facilities. Today’s action is the latest initiative the Board has undertaken as part of its comprehensive strategy to make Port Authority operations cleaner and more environmentally friendly.
The Clean Vessel Program is just one of many initiatives designed to protect the environment in and around Port Authority facilities. At the maritime port, the Board approved approximately $30 million in funding over a six-year period (2009-2015) to fund environmental initiatives to improve air quality.
The Board previously authorized $34 million to assist the owners of trucks with 2003 or older engines that serve Port Authority marine terminals to purchase newer, more environmentally friendly vehicles. In addition, the Board in 2011 approved a $6 million Low-Sulfur Fuel Program to provide incentives to operators of ocean vessels for up to 50 percent of the cost differential between conventional high-sulfur bunker fuel and low sulfur fuel.
Just last month, the Board took action to move forward with another Clean Air Strategy initiative, the installation of Shore Power technology at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.
In April of this year, the Board approved a contribution of up to $4 million to help acquire a nearly 43-acre conservation easement on Staten Island that will help preserve the William H.
To date the program has protected eight properties in New York City and ten properties in New Jersey, totaling more than 340 acres, much of it waterfront property. At the World Trade Center site, One World Trade Center aims to be one of the most sustainable office buildings of its size and achieve LEED Gold certification standard.
Starting in 1983, the Port Authority, partnering with the Federal Aviation Administration, has provided funds for a school soundproofing program under which 77 schools in New York and New Jersey have received nearly $285 million in Port Authority funds for soundproofing measures. Posted on August 2, 2012 with tags americas, approves, authority, environmental, Initiative, New, New Jersey, New York, News by topic, port, usa.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has announced that it had received the Rear Admiral Richard E. Board of Trustees of the Galveston Wharves approved a 5 year agreement with Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. New this year, will be several micro-seminars that will take place in the exhibit hall during the exhibition.
The Shipping Register in Jersey took a major step towards being a fully open register on 26 November 2013.
Here for your browsing pleasure is a map of the country round Philadelphia including part of New Jersey, New York, Staten Island, & Long Island. I flew in to celebrate the occasion of my brother’s wedding and I brought my whole family with me on holiday.
We hit a ton of tourist spots as well as local entertainment areas that were more suitable for kids. After full days of family activities, to be honest I was often just too pooped even to sit in front of the boob tube; and why would I do that when I could finally get a few precious moments with my wife each evening? The only place I really saw ads for the legal online gambling sites was on billboards in the immediate vicinity of Atlantic City.
I know I’m just one person, and I know I wasn’t everywhere, but considering the amount of traveling I did in and around New Jersey, the sheer lack of exposure I had to advertisements for online gambling constitutes an epic fail in my book by the operators licensed to offer it. The fact is that most people in the Garden State probably simply aren’t even aware that online gambling is legal there or even exists in the first place. We’ve got plenty of legal and regulatory updates regarding the status of online poker in various jurisdictions around the world. We know that many people who enjoy casino games also tend to enjoy poker, so if you like their websites and products, we’re sure that you’ll like ours as well. That strategy includes environmental programs already underway at other Port Authority port and aviation facilities as well as at the World Trade Center site. The ESI is a worldwide mechanism that awards points to vessels that exceed the environmental standards set by the International Maritime Organization.
As of the first quarter of 2012, these actions have resulted in emissions reductions of over 500 tons of nitrogen oxide and 26 tons of particulate matter. This past spring, the Truck Replacement Program won the Northeast Diesel Collaborative’s (NEDC) Breathe Easy Award.
The project will allow cruise ships serving the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal to plug in to a more environmentally friendly electrical landside power source.
The investments have resulted in the creation of important public spaces, while also protecting critical wildlife habitat, including woodlands and wetlands for migratory birds and other wildlife.

These standards will result in lower energy expenses, lower operating expenses, access to natural light through floor to ceiling glass windows and highly filtered air. Soundproofing has successfully reduced aircraft noise levels by at least 50 percent in affected classrooms. And we’ll hold a series of conference sessions, featuring VIP shippers and others, over the course of the two-day exhibition.
I spent about equal amounts of time in New York and New Jersey, with three days in Pennsylvania. I didn’t spend too much time in front of a computer – so I wasn’t bombarded, as I usually am, by the ads I normally see trying to convince me which online casinos are the best. On the rare occasion I had some time to myself, I tried out Netflix for the first time – we don’t have that here at home in Israel.
As someone ridiculously into gambling and poker, I was always on the lookout for them, eager to see how the offline ads looked and what they offered newbies who’d register and set up a real money account. And of course we’re sure you’ll love our poker content, which covers major events in the poker world, including poker room debuts, poker player lifestyle pieces, and poker vacation information. Additional points are allocated to vessels that participate in the speed-reduction program, which would reduce speed to no more than 10 knots starting 20 nautical miles from the entrance to the New York New Jersey harbor. The expected environmental benefits of the Shore Power Project include annual reductions of 1,400 tons of greenhouse gasses, 90 tons of nitrogen oxide, 93 tons of sulfur dioxide and 6 tons of particulate matter.
The $4 million contribution is part of a $60 million Harbor Estuary Resources Program, launched 11 years ago to mitigate the impact of the port’s 50-foot channel deepening project.
Middle Atlantic States.We have compiled this collection of maps to serve as an easy to access educational tool.
I crossed state borders multiple times, went over plenty of bridges and through many a tunnel. I did spend quite a bit of time on my Smartphone though, and none of the geo-located advertisements were trying to convince me to do any sort of gambling online (or ever land-based for that matter).
The program seeks to preserve and protect environmentally sensitive tracts of land in New York and New Jersey.
Out of the month, only three days were spent in and around casinos (in Atlantic City and in the Parx, in Eastern Pennsylvania); after all, this was meant to be a family trip, not a poker vacation.
The Breathe Easy award recognizes the outstanding efforts of individuals or organizations who actively promote NEDC’s goal to reduce diesel emissions, and have made significant contributions to improving air quality and public health.

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