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Update: EA has officially confirmed that Battlefield Hardline would be unveiled at E3 2014 on 9th June 2014.
Internally codenamed Havana, Battlefield Hardline is being developed by Visceral Studios, the same studio created some great titles such as Dead Space and Dante’s Inferno. Well let’s go on with the details, Our gaming writer, Rizwan recently posted an article which showed that the game has been spotted in the latest Battlelog update. Star Wars Battlefront Gets 10 Minutes of New Gameplay FootageThis is confirmed from two emblems that are also leaked, one includes SWAT badge while the other is the THIEVES badge. Several weapons are listed which include modern day combat rifles, pistols and machineguns. The most interesting thing that’s leaked are the vehicles which point out to race and chase mechanics in the game with different types of transport such as Helicopters which might be used to land and escape during a heist. Dodge, Alfa Romeo, and possibly Jeep are getting new cars based on a new platform and architecture, including all sizes of cars and crossovers.
Around 2018, the Dodge Journey is likely to become a rear wheel drive crossover, A? la Maserati Levante. New Dodges may have been pushed back, partly so they can persuade critics that Chrysler had no part in the pricier Alfa Romeo Giulia, though of course it was an FCA corporate project involving both the US and Italy. The Alfa Romeos use a slightly-larger-than-Chrysler stereo based on Linux rather than BSD-UNIX but probably using most of the same code as UConnect, with a revised user interface to hide the commonalities (note: the Giulia doesna€™t use a touch screen but has gesture control).
Dodge Charger and Challenger now seem likely to move over to the new platform instead of using the Maserati adaption of Chryslera€™s large car platform and architecture, which largely differs in the front suspension, engines, and costlier parts and systems. The Dart is, according to Sergio Marchionne, being allowed to fade away after the end of 2016, replaced by a car designed and built by another company. The Town & Country replacement (Chrysler Pacifica), a full sized car, and a full size crossover are all likely to be based on the CUSW platform used for Cherokee and 200.
There are rumors of front wheel drive Chrysler 300s (or large cars by some other name) which would share much with the minivans; the logic is that Dodge, as the muscle brand, should have rear drive, and having both front and rear wheel drive large cars was Chryslera€™s plan as far back as the early 1990s. We make no guarantees regarding validity, accuracy, or applicability of information, predictions, or advice.
The all-new 2015 Honda Urban SUV Concept had its world premiere at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. The 2015 Honda Urban SUV concept aims to provide the basis for a fun and fuel-efficient small SUV with great design, flexible equipment and next generation connectivity to targeted customers with active lifestyles.
New 2015 Honda Urban SUV concept is an expansion of new vehicles on the production Honda Global Compact Series model, which includes the city’s model Honda Accord and Honda City models sold in markets outside the United States. The all-new model will have the characteristics of the next generation of telematics and modern interior.
Incoming search terms:honda urban suv 2014honda crv 2015honda urban suv price2015 honda crvcrv 2015honda urban suv2015 honda urban suvnew honda crv 2015honda suv 20152014 honda urban suvBe Sociable, Share! Here are graphic renderings of the new public safety vehicles that will be hitting the streets in a few months after today’s announcement that Penske, the Detroit 3, Quicken Loans, Kresge Foundation, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Platinum Equity will be funding 123 new vehicles for the city of Detroit. For more on how these new vehicles are coming to Detroit neighborhoods, read the rest of the story.

First of all, as the car capital of the world, Detroit should have a first rate and professionally designed Police Car.
Get New Posts In Your EmailEnter your email address:We will never sell or hand out your email address. If you're up to no good in the United Kingdom, you may get the chance to experience BMW's latest variations on the X3, X5, 3-Series, and 5-Series first hand.
The latest 5-Series headlines the new Police fleet, though BMW is proudest of the BMW 330d Saloon Interceptor.
That ride to the station in the back of the new 530d cop car might be the highlight of an otherwise very bad night for many criminals, drunken revelers, and scofflaws.
In addition to the pursuit 330d and 5-Series cruiser, the X3 xDrive20d, X5 Drive30d and xDrive40d, and R1200 RF-P motorcycle will also be jumping into police fleets across the U.K. While EA hasn’t officially announced the game yet since they are keeping things in wrap for E3 next month, koenv blog have leaked a massive set of details which confirm the existence of the game titled, Battlefield Hardline. Built with the latest Frostbite 3 engine which was initially developed DICE, the game would be aimed towards closed corridors gameplay however the addition of vehicles as suggested from the leaked details suggest otherwise and Battlefield Hardline seems to become a hit for the audience if it maintains the balance of infantry based combat. The post confirmed that the title would be multiplat and built for both current generation and next generation platforms such as PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One which is a good thing.
The addition of melee weapons such as Shield, Bat, Injections, Police Baton, Crossbow, etc suggest the type of gameplay to expect from Hardline. Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. RVC wrote, a€?This is a joint project, developed in Auburn Hills with embedded Fiat engineers [despite the a€?Giorgioa€? name which indicates pure Italian development].a€? This matches past statements by Sergio Marchionne and some inside tips.
The current format (front wheel drive crossover) is likely to give way to a midsized Chrysler crossover based on the minivans, also selling as Fiat Freemont.
We had been expecting the compact-FWD spot to be taken by the Chrysler 100 with an optional Hurricane turbo-four. Making the 300 a huge FWD car would differentiate it from other FCA products, possibly increase its attraction in China, and make it better for car services and people who value large sedans but dona€™t care about driven wheels. The name may return in the future, on a platform shared with the Alfa Romeo Alfieri or perhaps even the Giulia.
Dynamic and youthful concept art style suggests a completely new small SUV model to appear in Japan until the end of the year, and then to the U.S. The concept shows a clean and sophisticated style, the dynamic character lines and pronounced sporty attitude with hidden rear door handles, giving this SUV and coupe features. A new small SUV will be assembled to fit the latest model Honda other Reiki North American factory near Celaya, Mexico, which will open in the spring in 2014. All of the details you mentioned were in fact very carefully considered throughout development of the project. The diesel-powered four-door is being pitched as a high-speed pursuit vehicle, though BMW says the car's full specs can't be revealed for security reasons.
As TheCarConnection noted in its first drive review of the new 2011 5-Series, the car is a definite upgrade from the previous model despite similar looks.

Unlike typical police-use cars, BMW's Police line vehicles aren't converted after assembly as normal cars, but built from scratch on the assembly line to police spec. Of course, it might also make a North American transcontinental run by Alex Roy's Team Polizei M5 Interceptor a bit more plausible, too.
While the majority of development work would be handled by Visceral, Ghost Games and DICE would also lend in some help for the development of the game.
The majority of the game details come straight from Koenv’s blog which show some footage of the game. Battlefield Hardline is anticipated to be unveiled at E3 2014 which begins early next month. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. The Durango is likely to continue in some form as well a€”A could it move to the Ram basis? In that case we suspect it would use the supercharged Hemi V8, which outpowers the current V10. With an overall length of 4,315 mm, 2015 Honda Urban SUV Concept is 230 mm shorter than the models Honda CR-V, making it equally ideal for moving around crowded city streets and open mountain roads. This also confirms why Ghost Games isn’t developing a Need For Speed game moving away from their annual release cycle.
As part of Honda Global Compact Series model with the use of genuine Honda exterior design contained in the model fit, the new model will have Honda-in adjustable Magic Seat setup to give users plenty of passenger and cargo options, including the seats are folded flat floor to obtain the maximum capacity of cargo space.
The growth and expansion of the production line of small cars, Honda will help the company to double its global production of vehicles within their Honda Global Compact Series to more than 1.5 million units by the end of 2016, with the position maintaining a global leader in the production of small cars.
I really like the typography throughout and it is very evident that whoever did these understands type and kerning and letter spacing. We have already seen how well Frostbite scales in closed door and open world environments if we look at Operation Metro, Siege of Shanghai and then move towards the larger maps such as Caspian Border, Silk Road, etc.
With the continuing expansion of our North American manufacturing operations, we expect an efficient, economical and fun driving small cars, which will play a key role in meeting the needs of our customers in the United States. I also love that the new cars give a nod to some Detroit Police car heritage by using the primary blue and white color theme.
If they do go very photographic with the skyline, I do like the lighting they are using…dusk with all the golds. Might be cool if the golds in the skyline were somewhat reflective, now that could be very cool.

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