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Many doctors recommend that women steer clear of alcohol for the entire nine months of pregnancy, but New York Citya€™s Human Rights Commission is now weighing in with a caveat. New guidelines unveiled last week say that bars cannot refuse to serve pregnant women alcohol, arguing that such treatment is discriminatory.
Ita€™s all part of a larger effort to enhance and protect the rights of pregnant women, particularly in the workplace.
Cases that prompted the new guidelines include a pregnant womana€™s being denied access to a bar that her two non-pregnant friends were allowed to enter because of her bump, and another where a pregnant woman was denied access to a concert venue because of her pregnancy.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns against drinking while pregnant, noting in guidelines earlier this year that no amount of alcohol during pregnancy, no matter how small, is advisable. And 18 states consider the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy the equivalent of child abuse. New York — Today, Senator Liz Krueger and Assemblyperson Crystal Peoples-Stokes sponsored a public forum about the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act, a bill that would tax and regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol.
Just yesterday, the federal government’s National Institute on Drug Abuse released its annual Monitoring the Future survey showing that rates of marijuana use have declined among teens nationally. Increasingly, jurisdictions across the country are realizing that prohibition is the absence of control and are working to implement regulatory systems that are fair and effective.
As President of the largest New York State based community of recreation marijuana smokers, I agree with Kassandra Frederique. I live in New York upstate to be exact and i see people who have problems such as chronic liver failure, lupus , sarcoidosis, Lyme disease, the list goes on… in so much pain daily.
Vaporizer-info is the #1 source for honest vaporizer reviews and objective information on vaporizing. Andrew Cuomo to study changes to the 80-year-old set of alcohol regulations released recommendations Wednesday to modernize and simplify the rules governing when and where alcohol may be sold. Under the proposal, those over 21 would be able to purchase small amounts of marijuana from a state-regulated store. Monitoring the Future is now in its 40th year and is considered the ‘gold standard’ of teen drug use surveys.

I’ve seen them on oils, and just marijuana and it makes them feel way better and have less pain.
Cuomo made a huge mistake when he decided to make marijuana his political crate to stand on but not effective at all otherwise. We assist New York residents searching for a Drug and Alcohol detox center. The first step in recovery is finding a correct and safe proper medical detoxification process. While we know that recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction is a life-long process, we are also aware that no real healing can begin until the addict or alcoholic puts down the drink and drug for good. Addiction withdrawal is painful and often accompanied by seizures, delirium tremens, vomiting, shivering, and hot and cold sweating. The bill would rectify the many problems associated with marijuana prohibition, including the arrests of tens of thousands of primarily young people of color. At the federal level, Congress has just passed and President Obama yesterday signed the omnibus bill that contained an amendment that prohibits the Department of Justice from using funds to interfere with states that have passed medical marijuana laws.
These declines in marijuana use among teens follow the implementation of the nation’s first marijuana legalization laws in Colorado and Washington.
More specifically, we would like to know if Senator Krueger and Assemblywoman Peoples have included provisions for the thousands of young black and Latino men and women with criminal records for possession of small amounts of marijuana? So I hope they enable those who have real everyday issues to be able to treat it how they wish they can do it. We must remedy that by legalizing it and making it available to the people who need it most, which at this point is a vast majority of the population it would seem. We at New York Treatment Center our clients with the utmost care to make the detox process available and tolerable.
Closer to home, marijuana arrests have been the subject of much debate, particularly in New York City where Mayor de Blasio recently proposed giving people a summons instead of arresting people for possessing marijuana in public view. Those laws were adopted in 2012, and retail sales of marijuana in those states began earlier this year. For example, can those with records for possession of small amounts of marijuana be expunged?

The proposal, while well intentioned, only underscores the need for statewide legislation that will fix problems with New York’s marijuana possession law and address the legacy of injustice associated with these broken policies. Each of the marijuana legalization laws clearly specifies that legalization applies to adults 21 and over and contains built-in safeguards that restrict sales to minors. And, can people serving prison time get there sentence dropped in the interest of Justice?
I love baseball and I love my teammates like brothers, and I am also fully aware that I am leaving at a time when we should all be coming together for one last push toward the World Series. Our highly trained team of doctors treat not only symptoms, but strive to comfort the client and help restore good physical health in a safe and comfortable settings. I want to thank the New York Yankees organization for their encouragement and understanding. Those who follow Sabathia and the Yankees closely are likely taken aback by the revelation.
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