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Buffalo has better than average shopping supported in part by Canadian citizens traveling across the border to avoid local taxes and high prices—although this comes and goes with fluctuations in the dollar. The strong community feel spreads into the suburbs, and some, particularly north and east towards Amherst, offer excellent values. Buffalo is located on the coastal plain of Lake Erie, where the Niagara River connects north to Lake Ontario. Heavy lake-effect snows make Buffalo one of the snowiest metropolitan areas in the country. The city is fanatical about major-league sports, with the Buffalo Bills, Sabres, and a few minor-league teams as focal points.

Downtown is unremarkable but clean and improving, although there are many gritty areas around the city. A number of old-economy industries have been lost; others like auto parts maker Delphi have been struggling.
Niagara Falls is a special attraction, and there is a large wine-growing area to the east and another to the west.
The reputation for bad weather comes from heavy localized lake-effect snows, but summers are among the sunniest, driest, and most pleasant in the Northeast. But lake effects bring notably pleasant weather in spring, summer, and early fall, and there is a strong assortment of cultural amenities, historic districts, and architectural highlights with few crowds.

Yet, community spirit and strong state economic development programs have brought in some newer-economy businesses, notably biotech and medical technology companies. Because of the water, Buffalo warms more slowly in the spring, but the lake also inhibits spring and early summer thunderstorms.

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