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The feat to build an 18-mile tunnel under the Long Island Sound, while certainly an ambitious undertaking, does not make it the longest underwater tunnel. A Competitiveness Strategy for the Northeast Megaregion: Early Actions for High Speed Rail from PennDesign on Vimeo.
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Description: New York Central J3A Hudson Streamliner Famous Bullet Train locomotive 20th Century Limited picture fresh out of the shop in 1938 This print reproduction will make a great nostalgic piece for your collection. New York dodges a bullet — but Auburn, Massachusetts, hardest hit, got 32.5 inches of snow!
The Massachusetts National Guard sergeant and Iraq war veteran cried when she caught the first glimpse of what happened. As crews started surveying storm damage and clearing streets, officials warned that the potential for record-setting snowfall remains as stormy weather wallops New England. On Massachusetts' South Shore, the ocean roared inland to flood the Brant Rock Esplanade, lined with homes and businesses. In Boston, where about 2 feet of snow had fallen, the city's mayor said there was still work to be done. It's not the first time she's braced for bad weather as the caretaker of a lighthouse in Montauk, New York.
But Winski, like many residents of New York and New Jersey, was breathing a sigh of relief on Tuesday.
A day earlier, officials warned the storm could turn 58 million people's lives upside down. A 17-year-old died after he hit something while snow-tubing Monday night in Huntington, New York, Suffolk County's Tim Sini said.

Just ask all those who had their cars snowed in, their front doors blocked and their backyards littered with branches Tuesday. As she cradled her newborn boy, mom Danielle Smith said she was doing well, thanks to the generator keeping the hospital warm. Traffic crawled on everything from side roads to highways -- including the Massachusetts Turnpike, which was closed to traffic as of early Tuesday afternoon -- and many public transit systems shut down. Amtrak was also affected, suspending Northeast Regional and Acela Express services between New York and Boston for Tuesday because of the weather.
The storm warnings seemed to impress even the most jaded Northeasterner, as groceries flew off store shelves from Brooklyn to Bangor.
In the coastal city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, hundreds accepted a Facebook invitation to a community snowball fight -- one that organizer Devin Murphy joked is in the proud tradition dating back to around 1624, when the city was first settled. Fresh off snowblowing his driveway, Jim Robins estimated about 2 feet of light, fluffy snow had fallen outside his home in Dover, New Hampshire. The rail company would need significant public and private funding to get the project on track.Speaking with the New York Times this summer, Amtrak president and CEO Joseph H. Members of the GOP said in 2011 after they turned down the presidenta€™s $8billion bill that the busy Northeast Corridor was where the future of high-speed trains lay.
When she returned to her coastal home in Marshfield, Massachusetts, Tuesday, she discovered a devastating scene. Then she went back inside to get her uniforms, a sword she got in Iraq and a cross with scripture on it that once hung on her wall. But Bruno and other residents of coastal areas faced another more menacing threat: storm surge flooding. Marshfield's police department posted a photo of what it called a "major seawall breach (that) caused structural damage" to an unoccupied home.

Most people seemed to have heeded the warnings about the storm, which was forecast as "crippling" and "potentially historic," by stocking up and staying off the roads. By then, travel bans in New Jersey and New York -- even places like Long Island's Islip, which got more than 20 inches of snow -- had been lifted.
An 83-year-old man who suffered from dementia was found frozen to death in his backyard in the same Long Island county.
Once expected to see up to 30 inches of snow, the prediction for the Massachusetts capital was downgraded to 15 to 25 inches early Tuesday.
But that didn't stop the doctors and nurses at Nantucket Cottage Hospital, where Cayden Keith Moore was born at the height of the blizzard early Tuesday. Included in its study are the metropolitan regions around Washington, Baltimore, Wilmington, Philadelphia, New York, New Haven, Providence, and Boston.The bullet trains, much like those in Europe and Asia, could skyrocket across tracks at speeds up to 220mph.
And not far away in Scituate, slushy ice, seawater and debris clogged streets as waves came crashing toward shore. Businesses closed, suggesting a far-reaching economic impact in one of America's busiest commercial regions.
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