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The number of passengers shown below includes all standard passengers, mobility aid passengers, special requirements passengers, PCAs, children and infants.
Megabus is a fairly new long-haul bus company in the US and Canada owned by the much larger Coach bus company based in New Jersey.  Its marketing idea mimics that of many long-distance bus companies I’d seen abroad. Megabus offers affordable regional bus service between nearly 50 cities from five hubs at New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, and Toronto. It was Thanksgiving week so my bus was largely filled with college students heading home for the holiday.  I was heading to Bloomington, Indiana for a visit with my cousins. In fact, as I was rushing to the bus stop, located right outside Union Station in downtown Chicago, I wondered why I didn’t just look into taking a train. A few days later, I boarded my return bus with a slight feeling of dread.  But this one was a double-decker. If you enjoy being anal raped by anonymous forces that hide behind a thin veil of customer service than MEGABUS is for you. I have a friend who uses Megabus regularly, and has had primarily good experiences overall.
I took a trip on mega bus it was not so bad due to the price I paid for the ticket, suck it up what do u expect u get what u pay for and you cant get something for nothing.
Indianapolis will be there,” he said during his slightly odd and slightly amusing pre-trip spiel. If you are based in New York City, you can  hop a bus to DC or Boston.  The buses in the Midwest connect cities like Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis, and Chicago. It was a pretty standard inter-state type bus, wrapped in a slick marketing campaign.   But at least, the US is catching on with offering more public transportation routes to and fro. I was starving and had hoped to grab a sandwich on the way but was running late and did not want to make a fuss and possibly miss the bus.
If they are going to advertise free Wi-Fi on their buses, they really should improve the system since it only seemed to work 50% of the time on both my trips.
I recently took the Megabus on a round trip, The beginning route was wonderful, courteous driver, loaded and unloaded your bags with great care, when you were up in line to pick it up.

My experience wasn't so bad, but obviously a lot of people here had not-so-great ones.
MegaBus canceled all service on Dec 26th and did not bother to send out emails to customers until the 27th letting us know. The ride was okay, the the bus was so freezing cold that we were all miserable from New York to Pitts. Myself and three friends took the bus from Pitts to NYC and experienced the staff screaming at passengers on MULTIPLE occassions – it was extremely unprofessional and rude.
The internet did not work on my Mac computer, but realized that even though it was advertised, having full connectivity while driving was a little optimistic in reality, yet still disappointing. I don't think anyone expects luxury (you get what you pay for), but, yes, there still should be some modicum of customer service. But it was too late now, I was already a sardine in this metal tube on wheels heading to Hoosier country.
Anyway, I realized on the way back that I’ve been out of the traveler mode for quite some time, so, really, for the price, this bus was clean and comfy.  Of course I didn’t pay for the bad breath of the passenger next to me. The driver was rude when he told us that there was nothing he could do about the air conditioner and we would just have to deal with it.
They yelled at people for their bag sizes, for where they wanted to sit, for the wifi not working and so everyone should just deal with it and quit complaining and for people with infants needing to sit with their children to suck it up. WHEN WE GOT ON THE BUS WELL, INTO THE RIDE SOME PEOPLE STARTED STANDING UP FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME, JUST TALKING TO OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS WHO THEY WERE NOT SETTING NEXT TOO, WHILE THE BUS WAS MOVING VERY, VERY FAST!
Then after that I had to change my bus to a later date but I couldn't change both of my trips so they pretty much robbed me $23. The screaming lasted for hours and it was clearly upsetting the paying customers who were not involved in the situations. Instead of at least giving me a credit I will have to pay the fee over to complete a round trip. It took 3 days to get in touch with anyone on the phone and then they said they were working on refunds.

It was freezing cold – at two stops that lasted over an hour they left the bus doors open in 28 degree weather the entire waiting period. On Jan 4th they sent a blanket email saying that refunds would be slow due to the number of requested refunds.
We were hoping our ride back to Pittsburgh would be better, but it was just as bad as the first ride. Upon returning home, the bags were tossed out onto the pavement, resulting in a free for all for whoever could make it to the front of the group of people first to scavenge through bags on the curb. If I ever do use this service again I'll be sure to pack my winter coat and blanket for sure. NOW COMING BACK IT WAS JUST AS RIDICULOUS, THE BUS WAS 5 HOURS LATE PULLING OFF, DUE TO THE FACT THAT SOMEONE HAD GOTTEN SICK AND REGURGITATED ON THE BUS COMING FROM NIAGARA FALLS NY.
Upon making it up to get mine, it was upside down, with other peoples bags on top of it with their belongings coming out of their bags (since they were not zip up, but button or snap top). After getting home, the thick woven cloth handles on my bag smell HORRID and are wet (after 6+ hours of being off the bus). I was shocked that any business would allow an employee to handle a customers belongings like this. SO – while you may be getting a good deal on fare, DO NOT TAKE A BAG you do not want damaged.
Make sure not to put anything on the under the bus storage unless it is completely securely closed. I would always take something to do other than work on my computer, as seeing as out of a 6 hour trip total, i was able to be on the internet for about 10 minutes total.

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