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Globus Cosmos Empire Vacation Avalon Urban Adventures Papillon Pink Jeep Tours Polynesian Adv. Summary of The Day: We'll begin our tour by heading north to give you the option to visit Watkins Glen State Park (Summer) or Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY (Winter). The completeness of night view on certain summer evenings may be limited or not available due to late sunset time and US Federal Government regulations on driving hours. The controversy first erupted on the night of September 11, when coverage of the campaign appeared on the CBC and Ottawa Citizen websites.
City Councilor Diane Deans had planned to request a review of Ottawa’s advertising policy at the Transit Commission’s monthly meeting on September 18. In response to the controversy, ReThink911 commissioned the polling firm YouGov to conduct a national survey. According to the Ottawa City Clerk, Councilor Deans still intends to enter a motion at the Transit Commission’s next meeting on October 16, and the item will be discussed at the following Transit Commission meeting on November 20. After all the momentum that was gained in Ottawa, ReThink911 has big plans for Canada in the coming months. ReThink911 counts on thousands of people like you for financial support and to help spread the word. ReThink911 launches new ad campaigns every one to two months in order to create widespread awareness of the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7.

Both articles quoted Ottawa City Councilor and Transit Commission Chair Diane Deans, who called the ads “insensitive” and indicated that she would request a review of Ottawa’s advertising policy. One radio station, 1310 News, posted a survey on its website that asked readers, “Should the ads from ‘ReThink911’ be allowed on OC Transpo buses?” More than 90% responded “yes.” By later that morning, articles on Yahoo News and Huffington Post also mentioned the ads in Toronto and Vancouver. The statement was quickly picked up by the CBC, Ottawa Citizen, and Sun News, which also quoted Ottawa’s mayor, who called the ads “disrespectful” but noted that they are protected by free speech. Supporters of ReThink911 in Ottawa assembled to oppose any action that would curtail free speech on Ottawa’s buses.
The results, released a week after the criticism appeared, showed that a majority of Canadians actually sided with ReThink911 in questioning the cause of Building 7’s collapse, which contradicted most of the news coverage.
Between May and August, we raised over $225,000 from thousands of small donations, and together we made our September ad campaign a reality. The film uses archive news footage, press conferences and newspaper clippings to document the unwillingness of the George W. You may choose to see the Native American dance show "Spirit of the Mist" (admission not included, optional) or to see the Niagara Falls illuminated at night.
In-depth reporting on ReThink911’s message by the Ottawa Citizen included a quote from Frank Wilson, the general manager of ad broker Pattison Outdoor, who affirmed that the ads conformed to the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards. The Huffington Post was the most senselessly derisive, cherry picking the tweets of two angry onlookers who described a country in “outrage.” Yahoo News was much more balanced in its coverage.

The following day, an Ottawa Citizen editorial suggested that the Ottawa Transit Commission should err on the side of free speech, affirming that the ReThink911 ads are indeed protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
However, a tragic accident involving a bus and train occurred an hour before the meeting, and it was cancelled. After viewing video footage of Building 7’s collapse, 51% of those surveyed suspect that its collapse was caused by controlled demolition, compared to just 18% who suspect it was caused by fires. Bush administration to provide answers to the families’ questions or support a full independent investigation. By a clear 3-to-1 margin, 44% support a new investigation into Building 7’s collapse, compared to just 13% who are opposed. With regard to Ottawa’s advertising policy, 54% believe it correctly protects freedom of speech under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, while only 19% think it should be revised to disallow ads like ReThink911’s.

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