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Our Golden Touch Transportation fleet consists of 36, 38, 40, and 55 passenger luxury coach buses.
Please be sure to request any special requirements you may have regarding additional equipment when booking your charter bus with Golden Touch Transportation. Party Bus West New York is fun for people T any age from all strata of the society, all which is required is the heart to party. West New York, NJ, with zip code of 07093, prides itself into being one of the best cities of Hudson County, New Jersey. West New York New Jersey Party Bus Rental offers its top quality party bus services to the residents of West New York, New Jersey and the surrounding suburbs like Guttenberg, Union City, North Bergen, Weehawken, Fairview, etc. The party goers have to tell them the number of people attending the party, the destinations that are to be visited, number of hours the bus is required, the size of the bus, other arrangements required like bar and food facility, etc. Party Buses in West New York NJ are available for all occasions like weddings, bachelor bachelorette party, nights on the town, birth day party, sporting event, concert, corporate transportation, shuttle service, QuinceaA±era, anniversary, prom, homecoming, etc. Limo Bus Rental is for the fun loving people of West New York, New Jersey, who love to party with all the grandeur. Therea€™s no place like New York, and the best way of seeing it, no matter the occasion, is on a New York Party Bus. For a night on the town in one of the best cities in the world, party bus New York NY are the way to see New York in style.
Speaking of nightlife, therea€™s obviously plenty to see in a city as you travel in a party bus New York. If you want to see some of the sights surrounding the Big Apple, there are obviously plenty of those as well. There are also great places to visit in Hoboken, NJ, not only the birthplace of the great Frank Sinatra, but also the site of the first recorded baseball game. Whether youa€™re looking for a prom party bus New York, heading to a nearby casino or you just want to take a bite out of the Big Applea€™s nightlife, cheap party bus rentals New York are the way to go. In this series, New York Bus Rental is giving out suggestions on where to go and what to do in Ulster County. Open by appointment or on weekends from January to March and every day from April to December, Benrmarl Winery is the oldest vineyard in the country and holds the first ever New York Farm Winery license. Stoutridge Vineyard, on the other hand, offers wines and spirits made from locally grown fruit and grains.
If you love unprocessed wine, then you should visit Stoutridge Vineyard at 10 Ann Kaley Lane in Marlboro. This entry was posted in Blog New York Bus Rental, New York Bus Rental, Sprinter Van Limo in NYC and tagged new york bus rental, New York Bus Rental Destinations: Go to Ulster County on a Sprinter Van Limo in NYC (Part 5), Sprinter Van Limo in NYC. The driver seat of the car is separated from the rest part with the glass giving you privacy. It is comfortable with additional leg space so that each one of you have a safe and comfortable journey.
It also has ample of space for your luggage so that you dona€™t have any problems on the way. WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW WHEN RENTING A PARTY BUS & LIMO A special event in your life can become more special by starting the celebration while you are still on your way to the venue. Each vehicle is equipped with the latest communication equipment in order to keep in contact with our 24-hour dispatch operation.

West New York Party Bus is for all the special occasions that we love to celebrate with our family and friends. There are numerous appeals in the region which attracts the fun loving people of the neighboring suburbs to come and party. The efficient staff of the Party bus Company ensures that all the requirements are catered to. Special shuttle buses run from one destination to another for the people who want to taste the fun of a party bus.
These buses boast of rich interiors, spacious seating arrangements and all the facilities that make them the most sought after party option of the area. Whether youa€™re heading to a wedding or bachelor party, a birthday party, or you just want to hit the local nightlife scene, a New York party bus is the best way to get to your destination safely and in the most entertaining way possible.
The Bar Americain (10019) not only features top-notch drinks and great specials, but some of the best cuisine in the entire city.
Limo bus rental is not the exceedingly expensive alternative you may think, and you dona€™t have to worry with any of the parking or other hassles associated with driving around yourself.
Speaking of sports, you can take in a New York Giants or New York Jets game at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. Limo buses in New York will make your night unforgettable and wona€™t bust your budget in the process. We also suggest that you try out our new sprinter van limo in NYC to help you get there and move around the area.
There are a lot of wineries in the area where you are welcome to visit and taste the wines. If you want to linger and stay for a long time, tasting more of its wines, you can have a leisurely picnic around the ponds and enjoy the lovely scenery.
It also houses DVD and LCD in it; so you can also have fun while watching one of your favorite movies.
Renting a limo or a party bus to transport you and your guest to and from an event is a fun and stylish idea. There are various restaurants like Alex's Place Ribs, Alton's Restaurant, Anchor Bar, Annual Hispanic State Parade, etc. There is Cheap Party Bus Rentals West New York available which is for the budget oriented people. Most corporate houses throw parties for their executives by renting plush buses like Limo Buses in West New York. The Zinc Bar (10012) is a wildly popular jazz club that also features stand up comedy on a regular basis. Trusted party bus New York hires only the safest, most professional drivers, so all you have to do is enjoy your unforgettable night. There are a lot of rental companies offering these kind of services so there are a lot to choose from. Depending on the rental company, the costs of these services is either at a fixed or an hourly rate.Other rental companies may charge you on top of the base price for fuel and other related costs. They would look into your requirements like the sound system, seating arrangements, dancing floor, fog machine, HD TV, DVD player, etc.
Even occasions like weddings which are generally a costly affair can be celebrated with all the fun fare with the low cost wedding party bus.

At the simply named Pianos (10002), you can take in some great late night performances at a fraction of the cost of higher priced venues.
Wherever you go, New York cheap party buses are the way to ensure a great time will be had by everyone. From state of the art fiber optics and a sleek black interior, to granite flooring, plasma TVs and an X-Box gaming system, this tricked-out moving party is one vehicle that you'll definitely remember forever.
Choosing which one to book and what to prepare when selecting a rental party bus or limo might be difficult and confusing. Consider the number of people who will be riding the vehicle and the kind of event you are going to.
Also various bars and pubs like El Amanecer Bar, Wild Rover Irish Pub, Samplings Bar, Three East Bar & Grill, LA Hacienda Bar & Lounge Incorporated, etc. McSorleya€™s Old Ale House (10003) has a vast selection of beers and is a place where you can actually hear the person who is trying to talk to you.
You can hit the Empire City Casino (10704) in Yonkers, or head over to the Resorts World Casino (11420) in Jamaica. Whether it's a wedding, a bachelor party or a special surprise birthday for a friend, pack in up to 35 of your closest friends for a comfortable mobile party that they'll talk about for months to come. The following are points will help you when renting a party bus or limousine: Searching for rental companies that provide the best value.
As early as a month before the event, you should already be making a reservation of your vehicle of choice to make sure that it is available on your preferred date. Arlenea€™s Grocery (10002) is not only an excellent place to hear live music from up and coming local bands, it also features live karaoke if that is more suited to your style. The Off the Grid Bar & Grill (10528) in Harrison, NY is another great place to have a fantastic time. One thing to consider when selecting a rental company is that the party buses and limousines being rented out by the company are in top-shape and maintained regularly.
Take note that the drivers should have a broad knowledge of routes that can be used in the area and where you might encounter delays. Determine whether you are making a few stops before arriving or if you are going directly to your destination. To inform the driver early on, notify the rental company of the itinerary you have in mind to ensure a smooth ride on the day of the event.
Normally, the tip for rental vehicle drivers are around 18 to 20 percent of the base price.
Although, you might want to double check since some rental companies add the tip to the price. Last but not the least, if you had a great time with the party bus or limo ride, post a positive online rating for that rental company. Not only will that raise their rating, you might get a freebie the next time you book a vehicle with them.

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