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While your students complete the hands-on activities printed on each map, you can display the images of the Step by Step mapping as a guide to inspire them! Step-by-Step Mapping is a digital product meant for projecting or viewing on a whiteboard, computer or other digital media. It is not a printable product, since the images are large and in high resolution which would make them unsuitable for a standard printer.
For an even “bigger” impact, use your computer along with an LCD projector for a “Super-size” map displayed on your whiteboard or other projection surface for the whole class to see. Want to add your own material to the geography lesson?

Note: If you purchase multiple Step-by-Step Mapping digital products on CD, all map files will come on one CD for your convenience.
If you are projecting the images onto a whiteboard, simply use a dry-erase marker and make any notes directly on your whiteboard for the entire class to view.

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