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April 9, 2015 by Joanie 12 Comments Sometimes the best trips require very little planning or preparation.
I know wea€™ve been home for three months now and I fully expected to have this post about traveling to New York City up well before now.
Before Christmas last year, my husband and I were watching late night television and saw Megan MullallyA of the hit Broadway play, Ita€™s Only A Play being interviewed. We arrived at Houstona€™s Bush Intercontinental Airport a few hours before our flight and had breakfast at Cat Coraa€™s restaurant. After we checked into our room, we dropped off our bags and wentA to Johna€™s PizzaA in Times Square for dinner. After the show, we stopped at Connollya€™s Pub and RestuarantA for a glass of wine and dessert for the kids.
It was a lot colder in New York than it was it Houston and my daughter and son needed a hat so we went to Macya€™s Department Store.
There are giant waterfalls where the towers once stood and the fountains are surrounded by the names of those who lost their lives at Ground Zero on September 11th.
After a while, the snow turned to rain and we were all getting hungry.A A EJ turned to Yelp to help us find a restaurant.
This is guide, is exactly like having your best friend in New York, showing you around for 3 days.
Guidora team is a bunch of experienced travellers who have been in the most amazing places on Earth..Practically everywhere, except for the North Pole and Antarctica (yet)!
Though the line for the ferry from Battery Park is long, if you get there early, you can avoid most of it. Tip: If the linea€™s too long and you dona€™t want to wait, take the free Staten Island ferry for photos of the statue and harbor.
Named Battery Park for the old batteries (cannons) that defended the city, stopA here for music and street performers, people-watching, relaxing, and all other park-related activities. Take a photo with the famous bull and then walk to Wall Street and see where all those bankers destroyed the economy. One of the most overlooked museums in the city sits across the street from the NY Stock Exchange (NYSE). Right near City Hall (see the next entry), the Brooklyn Bridge offers an easy 25-minute walk into Brooklyn andA the waterfront park on the other side.
New Yorka€™s City Hall is a great piece of historic architecture and has a beautiful little park thata€™s filled with office workers during lunch (as well as a circular tablet about the sitea€™s history).
After you finish up with lower Manhattan, jet up to this historic landmark in New York City.
No matter when you go to Times Square, it will be packed with people (usually other tourists). The perfect way to relax in the city and leave the crowds behind is to spend the day in Central Park. The Met is one of the biggest museums in the world, and if you only see one museum in New York, I recommend this one. Made even more famous by the Night at the Museum movies, this museum also requires a lot of time. This collection features paintings by major European artists (lots of Dutch masters here) as well as 18th-century French furniture and Oriental rugs.
This museum is home to a renowned collection of impressionist, post-impressionist, early modern, and contemporary art. You can find discounted theater tickets at the TKTS offices around the city (Times Square, South Street Seaport, and downtown Brooklyn) for shows that day. Few people make it up to the Cloisters (it’s all the way up near 204th Street), a branch of the Met devoted to medieval Europe. Head over to the MoMA for lots of beautiful (and weird) modern art and some vivid impressionist art. Next to it, in the Meatpacking District, therea€™s the newA building for the Whitney Museum of American Art (a museum that collaborates with the Met). This fascinating museum offers visitors the opportunity to visit former tenement apartments on the Lower East Side. Take a walking tour a€“ NYC is home to dozens of walking tour companies (many of them FREE) offering tours on every genre possible. Prospect Park a€“ Get out of Manhattan and explore Brooklyna€™s version of Central Park and the cool Brooklyn Museum right near it. Bronx Zoo a€“ Head north for a look at one of the oldest and biggest zoos in the United States. For more in-depth information and tips on NYC, check out my 100+-page guidebook written for budget travelers like yourself!
You might want to fix one thing: the train terminal on the east side is called Grand Central Terminal (GCT), not station. I have used the New York City Pass (Sep 2014) and yes many of Matts suggestions are covered in this pass. I fell in love with NYC and it’s surrounding boroughs way back in 1980 while on a college trip for credit (we actually got credit if we wrote papers about our experience, which I did).
I lived in NYC for five years and have only done about half of these things — and I only got to the Statue of Liberty for the first time a few months ago!
If you find yourself in the Bronx, make sure to check out the Italian Market on Arthur Ave and Belmont! New York seems like the sort of place where you can get overwhelmed by all of the things to see and do. The view from the top of the new One World Trade Center and the walk on Brooklyn Bridge at sunset were truly unforgettable moments! I’m going to NYC this year as part of our east coast trip, so this is really helpful.

As someone who writes regularly about NYC, I would recommend a completely different itinerary so people can experience some of the local culture.
I really appreciated this post, especially because my wife and I are wanting to take a short trip to NYC together. Can I have more informations about the discount theater tickets (places, and the app with offers ). A Although we almost always plan our family vacations, sometimes we throw a little thrill into the mix by discoveringA an opportunity for a spur-of-the-moment getaway. A Between our sonA moving out of state, another son switching colleges and life in general, quite frankly this is my first opportunity.
A If you have any time at this airport, be sure to stop here for breakfast, lunch or a even glass of wine.
A It was in a great location, just away steps from Times Square, Broadway theaters and Radio City Music Hall. A Johna€™s Pizza isA voted one of New Yorka€™s best pizza restaurants and we could understand why. It was fun seeing Macya€™s up close after seeing it every year during the Macya€™s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
A My daughter was an infant and my son was in kindergarten when the tragic events of September 11th happened. Just visiting Manhattan will provide you with enough things to fill a 3-day trip to NYC. Ofcourse, NYC offers many attractions and things to do and this is where we com in.
By getting this travel itinerary you will save time, save yourself from the stress on organizing your trip and save money thanks to our hard-to-find tips. They always travel solo, with their friends and without organized groups, so the travel itineraries they design are full of useful tips on where to stay, what to do, how much it costs and how to make the most of your experience in a new place. They have laundry lists of places to visit, things to do, restaurants to eat and bars to drink at!
You just have to resign yourself to that fact, unless you move here (and maybe not even then), you’ll only barely scratch the surface!
Therea€™s heavy security in the area, but you can sit and watch people whiz in and out of buildings on their way to cause some other financial disaster. Federal Hall, built in 1700, is where George Washington took his oath of office (you can see the Bible heA was sworn in on!), was the first capitol building of the US, and was the site of the US Customs House in the late 1700s. Housed in a historic bank building on Wall Street (of course!), it has permanent exhibits on the financial markets, money, banking, entrepreneurship, and Alexander Hamilton (the founder of the US financial system).
The original building burned down in 1776, but the current church is still beautiful, with an ornate gothic style structure. It was going to be torn down in 1975 but was saved by Jacqueline Kennedy, who raised money for its preservation. Wander around Rockefeller Center to see where they film The Today Show, shop, snack, and take the elevator to the a€?Top of the Rocka€? for another birda€™s-eye view of the city (which I personally think it better than the Empire State Building, since from the top of here you can get that building in your picture too!). Ita€™s free, there are lots of paths to walk (or run), bike lanes, lakes to row in, and a zoo. The exhibits on nature, human history, and marine life are interesting and detailed, so I wouldna€™t try to rush your visit. You have to really love Dutch artists to want to spend time here (I do) but be sure to visit their website because they do a lot of wonderful temporary exhibits featuring famous works of art.
The cylindrical museum (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright) is considered one of the 20th centurya€™s most important architectural designs. Even if you don’t go inside, the building is worth seeing, as it is a work of art in itself. Youa€™ll learn how immigrants from around the world lived during the late 1800s and early 1900s as they tried to make it in America. Spend the afternoon discovering its vast collection of both historic and contemporary art and artifacts.
Four days is barely enough to squeeze these activities in, let alone find time to visit boroughs like Queens and Brooklyn. It cuts out the fluff found in other guides and gets straight to the practical information you need to travel and save money the city that never sleeps. I plan to visit New York this year so I’ll definitely use this guide to squeeze it all in! No museums, sadly, even though I wouldn’t handle as many as you propose in your sample itinerary! I’d say those are the highlights, though it seems like you would have to pick only one of those museums for day 3.
I lived in NYC for 20 years and I still don’t think that I’ve seen all of the met museum, much less do it in a fifth of a day, including two other large museums, central park and a Broadway show!
A museum or two is fine, but I don’t think anyone can get a sense of the city or people by museum hopping. Having only spent a night and two days in NY I would love to go back, and follow some of these tips.
A The information here is timeless and if youa€™re planning a long weekend or a few days in New York, hopefully youa€™ll find this article helpful. A Quietly he looked up flights and prices for hotels, gathered his information and talked more to me about it later that evening.
A The prices for hotels were less expensive because it was after the New Yeara€™s festivities were over and the flights were in line with what we wanted to spend. A Situated inside of an old church, Johna€™s pizzas are made to order in coal fired brick ovens.
A It was a very funny comedy that makes fun of the latest headlines through comedy and music.
A It was important to me that we take our kids here to talk more about the events of that day.

The guides they design have only a single, perfect-made itinerary that will show you exactly what to do each hour of the day, so that you don't get lost in looking for information on the web for hours.
If you want to understand the workings of what happens on Wall Street, this is a perfect place to start.
The church is most famous for its colonial graveyard, where youa€™ll find many famous Americans, including Alexander Hamilton, one of Americaa€™s founding fathers. At the bottom of the tower is a park commemorating the victims of the attacks along with an extensive museum. You get a lot of wonderful views of downtown as you make your way acrossA (and especially from the park).
This way, youa€™ll be able to see the landmarked rotunda, city council chamber, Governora€™s Room, and the City Hall Portrait Collection. You can get a real feel for how densely populated New York is as you stare out at the city. If you arena€™t shopping or eating or seeing a show, there isna€™t much to do in the area (and no New Yorker hangs out there), but ita€™s still a fabulous place to people-watch for a few minutes from the top of the red steps of the TKTS kiosk. It was built with Rockefeller money from parts of five European abbeys between 1934 and 1939.
Lined with overlooks, gardens, public art, food stalls, and greenery, this walk is one of the best things to do in the city, especially on a nice day. Be sure to take one of the many, many walking tours the city has to offer to get a unique and cultural look at the city that never sleeps from a local guide.
I’m not a big sports fan (the Yankees play soccer, right?), but games are fun when you have friends to share the experience with. You’ll find suggested itineraries, budgets, ways to save money, on- and off-the-beaten-path things to see and do, non-touristy restaurants, markets, and bars, and much more! Unfortunately, back then, I was quite attracted by Century 21 and wasted at least half a day shopping for clothes! I would strongly suggest that your readers pick one or two options at the most for each day or risk adding one more NYC experience: being treated for exhaustion at Mt. It’s interesting how Times Square is mostly just tourists, not really local New Yorkers. What about strolling through the West Village, exploring the food scene in the East Village, or shopping in Williamsburg? We are taking my daughter for graduation and seeing a few Broadway shows is what she wants to do, just hoping we can afford to take the whole family to a few of them. A The 800 degree coal fired ovens have no thermostats to control the heat and are operated by pizza men who have gone through training to learn how to make the pizzas. It's like having your best friend with you, guiding you to the best things in every place and showing you around! The city, home to over 8.5 million people, contains so much to see and do, you can barely scratch the surface on your typical four- or five-day visit.
Pre-reserved tours are typically offered for groups (10a€“20 people) on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10:30am and for individuals on Thursdays at 10am.
I love coming to the main concourse and looking up at the a€?starsa€? in the ceiling and people-watching as everyone races to and fro. During the summer months, there are often free concerts and theater productions (line up early for tickets to Shakespeare in the Park). Go for a walk, sit with a book, people-watch a€” the High Line is a must-see and a true favorite among locals.
If you have a chance and the desire, don’t miss a sporting event, because New Yorkers are serious about their local teams! But if youa€™re pressed for time, following these tips will give you four days full of fun and excitement in the city that never sleeps. As I’ve matured since that time, I think I better go back and give New York more chance ?Y™‚ So thanks for planting the idea in my head! I think hitting a few major attractions is essential for every tourist, but they also want to do the city like a local. From the late spring to the early fall, there are free guided walks run by the parks service on Saturdays at 11am.
It’s chaotic and filled with people, especially on the weekend, but since it is so big, you can usually find some quiet spots away from the crowds. Also, don’t skip the section on space (because space is awesome!) at the Hayden Planetarium, which is run by science god Neil Degrasse Tyson.
I’ve long since stopped the typical touristy things (well, everyonce in a while), and do a lot of off the beaten paths. If you love modern and contemporary art, this (I’m told) is one of the best in the world. Also, therea€™s an amazing eatery in the basement called the Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant. There are free tours each day that explain the history of the museum and the paintings and exhibits. And for fancy (and expensive) cocktails, visit the Campbell Apartments and step back into the 1920s (dress code enforced). To get in, therea€™s a suggested donation of $25 USD (which includes entrance to the Metropolitan Museum of Art). Campbell, a member of the New York Central Railroad’s board of directors and finance tycoon from the 1920s.

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