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Google has recently applied some new photorealistic textures on New York City in Google Earth.
Wonder if there are any space aliens out there takng picture’s of earth and showing it to there communities !!!!!!! Philippe Petit, just 25 years old, was not done with New York City after his death-defying tightrope walk between the Twin Tower.
This sounds far less dangerous than his WTC stunt, of course, but Petit was reportedly still frightened as he did not know how to swim! One week later, he tackled a more imposing body of water, walking a wire over the Great Falls in Patterson, NJ. Help out the Bowery Boys!Become a patron of the Bowery Boys for as little as $1 a month and help us produce twice as many shows! Enter your email address below (no spam, we promise!):We never disclose our readers' information without prior consent.

Soon we will have amazing visuals that are almost exact replica’s of the original object from outer space. I did this for London in December and for the continental United States earlier this month. These areas have an average population of about 4,000 though there is some considerable variation between areas in that several tracts contain more than 10,000.
It's important to point out here that these areas are much less than a square mile, but I'm using square miles since it is a conventional measure of population density in urban areas).
I've decided to move on to other things, but I'll leave all content as it is now in case anyone is interested.
Just three weeks later, he strung a tightrope across the length of Belvedere Lake in Central Park and skillfully walked the length of it, all the way to the tower of Belvedere Castle,  to the delight of thousands of on-lookers. Given the extremely high population density in Manhattan, I thought it would make sense to take a closer look at New York City.

The spatial patterns above are fairly obvious and, as expected, Manhattan dominates once again. So, I took some publicly available NYC GIS data, some 2010 US Census data and went to work. However, the individual Census Tract with the highest population density is actually in Corona, Queens with a figure of 216,000 persons per square mile*.

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