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This week I finished reading Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point for the second time, and certainly not my last. Bruce Davidson's groundbreaking Subway, first published by Aperture in 1986, has garnered critical acclaim both as a documentation of a unique moment in the cultural fabric of New York City and for its phenomenal use of extremes of color and shadow set against flash-lit skin.
Subway is Davidson's visceral take on the New York underground system of the 1980s complete with beleagured passengers, Guardian Angels, graffiti and a palpable, all-pervasive sense of fear. Facing them not more than five feet away was an eighteen-year-old youth named Alvin, president of the Majestic Warlocks.
Across the street a boy of about fifteen, a Warlock, could be seen crouching in a doorway, the barrel of a rifle barely visible in the shadows. It was a faceoff on the Assassins' home turf, the long block on Daly Avenue between 180th and 181st Streets. We are the song you love to sing in the shower, we are the world, we are someonea€™s children. Guitarist Kevin Densmore has performed in dozens of original bands, performing at notable NYC city venues such as Bowery Ballroom, CBGBs, and SouthPaw. Wouldnt it be great to see it sail to No.1 for Christmas instead of some two bit plank from X Factor? The titular Rocket Girl (the moniker locals in old New York give her) is officer Dayoung Johansson. Montclare claims to be an “artist’s writer” and is conscious of the artist while writing the story. The Art Provocateur Fela Kuti Who Used Sex and Politics to Confront Nigerian superstar Fela Kuti used his music as an art form that provoked. Emotions, are Men Doing it Wrong?Men have willingly sacrificed their own lives for others, demonstrating deep loyalty, affection and respect for their fellow humans—male or female. Philadelphia City Council and the Issue of Stop and FriskThe Philadelphia City Council, relatively silent on the issue of stop-and-frisk, has a role to play in expanding or mitigating the tactic.

I Am The Bug MasterSean Swaby, House Ninja, declares a turf war on bugs and wins with Scott’s Ortho.
It's a great book with super useful and engaging insights about how little things can have a huge impact.
In honor of the first subway opening today back in 1904, we’ve shared a collection of Siegel’s remarkable photos that capture the underground world bustling with graffiti-covered trains.
Standing alongside Alvin were Power, 22, and Butter, 20, both leaders of a group called the Old Timers, a sort of alumni club for old Warlocks. Two more Warlocks had circled around a car and stood side by side on the curb behind the Assassins, their right hands hidden in the folds of their jackets. The confrontation was occasioned by an incident the night before at a party in the Warlocks' basement clubhouse several blocks away up the snake-like hill that borders Crotona Park.
He stepped back a foot or two and the entire Warlocks contingent seemed to fan out very slightly.
According to the Pogues’ Facebook page, a digital bundle featuring the original song, an instrumental version and the video will be released Nov.
The awesomely impulsive, earnest, intelligent, multi-culti Dayoung Johansson and gritty, glorious New York City Time Square circa 1986 are the great main characters of this story. I recall the Times Square of my youth spent seeing it through the windows of the old Playland Arcade (prior to the arrival of Giuliani and Disney) and Reeder (who is arguably half my age) nails the tone and faded neon glitz that punctuated the seething cauldron of ethnicities and socioeconomic strata at the “Crossroad of the World” admirably.
One of the examples Malcolm uses is how the criminality in New York City tipped in the 80s and what caused this fad to decay. The images present the full gamut of New Yorkers, from weary straphangers and languorous ladies in summer dresses to stalking predators and homeless.
Several of the images were taken in a junkyard where the metal behemoths were waiting to be demolished.
Along Daly Avenue, ordinarily one of the most heavily patrolled neighborhoods in the Bronx, no squad cars passed by.

The details are obscure, but the incident apparently involved the roughing-up of the girl friend of a Black Assassin who had had too much to drink. It very much makes the 15 year old brash Dayoung a fish out of water even by today’s standards.
Tutorials can often be your greatest source of inspiration when trying to design that project you have been putting off. The first thing done to eradicate this problem was to clean up the subway as it was dirty and rife with graffiti. Davidson's accompanying text tells the story behind the images, clarifying his method and dramatizing his obsession with the subway, its rhythms and its particular madness. Siegel and friends created several dreamlike scenarios (in a pre-Photoshop era) with clever angles, poses, and accidental exposures.
Now, as Old Timers, their concerns ranged over the entire Warlock tribe, which includes four separate divisions in four parts of the Bronx.
Lead singer Mailande Moran spent 4 years singing in Out of the Blue, Duke's oldest all-female a capella group. Many of these areas would be off-limits to the public now thanks to tightened security measures, but those were different times.
The story is very reminiscent of the syfy female time-cop procedural Continuum in the best way possible. Rocket Girl’s movements, including the sensation of forward momentum and defying gravity, are deftly infused throughout our heroines initial skirmishes and setbacks as the script highlights the protagonists ingenuity and gives initial glimpses into her motivations.
Learn tips and tricks on how to use Photoshop for photo editing, manipulations, designs, and more.

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