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In 1670, New York had been New York for just six years—the name changed to honor the Duke of York when English forces seized control of the Dutch colony.  But the city was open for business, and many back in Europe were curious about this center of trade across the Atlantic, open in the midst of the Age of Exploration.
Daniel Denton was a town clerk in Jamaica, Long Island, and from 1665-1666 served as justice of the peace for New York. Denton devotes some time to the Native American population, writing about their customs, language, and crops (though he notes that “where the English come to settle, a Divine Hand makes way for them, by removing or cutting off the Indians-either by Wars one with the other, or by some raging mortal Disease”).

This entry was posted in History and tagged New Amsterdam, New Netherland, New York City, Publishing on February 11, 2013 by Jaya Saxena. Ultimately, Denton seems to be one of the earliest adapters of the American Dream, enthusiastically advertising the opportunities for wealth and freedom that New York has to offer. More than 9,200 people follow The New York History Blog each day via E-mail, RSS, or Twitter or Facebook updates.

He writes, “How many poor people in the world would think themselves happy, had they an Acre or two of land, whilst here is hundreds, nay thousands of Acres, that would invite inhabitants.” Many took his advice and settled here—so many that now it’s impossible to get a seat on the subway!

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