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In an award-winning journalism career spanning nearly three decades, Glenn Kessler has covered foreign policy, economic policy, the White House, Congress, politics, airline safety and Wall Street. Rudy Giuliani has made the dramatic drop in the New York City crime rate a central theme of his presidential campaign. The FBI warns against comparing the crime rates of individual American cities for the purposes of ranking.
Take a look at the following chart, which I compiled from the FBI Uniform Crime Statistics, available here.
The chart shows that the decline in violent crime in New York was a little steeper in New York than some other big cities during the Giuiliani years, but it was part of a general nationwide trend. Apportioning the credit for New York's falling crime rate is a matter of considerable controversy among criminologists. The issue is not whether crime fell sharply in New York under Giuliani--but whether the former mayor has exaggerated the role he played in bringing it down. There is something to be said about the perception of New York City during hte Giuliani years. Regardless of that the statistics say, the perception of the city was terrible when Giuliani took over. When Giuliani talks about solving problems for the whole country the way he did in NYC, the statistics are not as important as the image. Fact-Checker, it might be worth noting that your chart for violent crime shows Boston bucking the downward trend and instead trending slightly upward during the Romney years.
As for Giuliani, it seems to me that the best you can establish is that people disagree about his personal role. Giuliani called Romney's record "mixed" last night rather than "poor," I wonder how much the Fact Checker had to do with that? I can't help but notice that on both charts the crime rate started falling before Giulianni's tenure & continued afterward.
Likewise, both charts show that crime rates were going down nationwide - before, during & after the mayor's tenure in NYC. Clearly, when the public (or in this case,the Fact Checker) starts calling politicians on the bull**** they sometimes dream up to say, they start being a lot more careful about saying whatever will best incite the crowds. In almost every appearance as he campaigns for the Republican presidential nomination, Rudolph W.
Do you check the statistics cited by candidates, or do you take their claims at face value? Regarding NYC crime, the police commissioner and others - starting before Rudy's tenure - employed the "Broken Windows theory" [read Gladwell's The Tipping Point] which Rudy even alluded to in the debate on Wed. I believe that the policies of stricly enforcing low level crimes (like fare beating and grafiti on subways) gave NYC that steeper decline in crimes then other cities. Rudy: "9-11, terrorists 9-11, Hillary-Care, 9-11, Hillary causes murder to go up in 9-11, I know because I say so 9-11". The American Society of Criminology has itself condemned "city rankings" as the Fact Checker points out. Finally, even assuming that it would be possible to lock up every violent criminal in NY, which is what Guiliani suggests he has done, they all have release dates.
Bratton, Maples and Annemone had more to do with reducing crime in NYC than Giuliani ever did. There has been some recent evidence supporting the theory that decreased exposure to lead (in various forms, including paint and gasoline) can explain much if not all of the decline in violent crime, and crime generally. It is well documented in the medical literature that lead exposure in infancy and toddlerhood can cause impulsive and sometimes violent behaviors in adolescense and young adulthood. Theoretically, decreasing lead in the environment will therefore result in less crime (violent and non-violent).
While it may be true that the crime rate was trending downward due to demographic or economic reasons it is also true that if you hire more police you reduce crime. EX: he himself has said it was MAYOR DINKINS' leadership that lowered crime, which is WHY Rudy hired DINKINS' guy, William Bratton to be RUdy's top cop. Rudy ADMITS he was in charge of preventing the crack and crime explosion across America during the early 80s, when he was #3 in Reagan's justice dept and personally ran Reagan's War on Drugs!
WHO are we to doubt Rudy when he says that 90% of all crime is committed by HIS OWN GRADUATES of his rehabilitation resorts?? EX: even Rudy admits the first 100% crime rate in history on HIS watch: 100% of subway car windows were destroyed with etching acid and scratchiti! Liberals still refuse to believe that President Clinton putting more funds to policing had anything to do with the drop in crime (he changed the liberal position on crime into a more conservative one). 4.)Americans in the mid 90s ranked crime as their top concern, not education as liberals often do. David Denkins was PRESSURED into putting more police on the streets so that's why crime started to drop. David Denkins was a liberal mayor who was repeatedly pressured by the New York public to do something about crime; and Denkins was FORCED to do conservative things.
Guiliani who has always been a crime fighter needed no pressure to be tougher on crime since he was tough from day one and crime continued to drop dramatically.
Levitt's paper linking abortion to crime rates appeared in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, one of the most respected peer-reviewed economics journals. Dinkins was mayor of New York, yet the mob was collecting "taxes" behind his back (this is the nightmare that is extremist liberlism when people rely on sociology studies, graphs, and abortions- to fight crime). Abortionists madee the thousands of arrests and stood on streets to act as deterrents against crime?

Maybe as a Spin on a Seinfeld joke, we should merge the job of police officer and abortionist.
Your support for a liberal like Ed Koch - 3 terms; was a failure of your liberal policies and attitudes toward crime. Guiliani dragged your liberal city into the 21st century with you people kicking and screaming and complaining. You are ungrateful and you are most of all "JEALOUS" - jealous that his conservative policies and the police policies worked; and your liberal policies of the 80s failed miserably. Sociologists who have no police experience are like the nerds who talk about war without having any combat experience.
You should instead rely more on the men and women who fight crime everyday - the police officers who do the DIRTY work that no sociologist in a laboratory would ever want to do. Ignoring the police as the major reason for the drop in crime is intellectual dishonesty supported by "statistics". LIberals are not entitled to tell our country how we should fight crime because their policies in t he 80s failed.
In the case of hillary clinton, she revised history int he span of 5 minutes during her debate; and several times a few days later. One might say there is an inverse relationship between the number of "scare quotes" and the persuasiveness of the argument. 1.)All Dinkins did was bring the crime rate back down to 1985 levels during the Ed Koch era. 5.)Giuliani was a part of the conservative revolution that happened across the country in 1993-1994. 6.)This so-called conservative revolution happened even in liberal cities like Los Angeles where laws and sentencing became tougher.
Sure liberals where still in charge but they became more conservative with things like "three strikes and your out". 7.)There was an increase in the number of jails built in the United States around this time.
9.)The police and tougher laws and increase and prisons built are what contributed to the drop in crime in the 90s.
There is a correlation concerning William Bratton, former NYPD chief, who was fired by Giuliani, and replaced by his buddy, the corrpupt hack Kerick.
Change in mileage travel reimbursement for workers, Workers’ comp board provides an adjusted rate for reimbursement of mileage travel expenses for injured workers. Irs issues 2014 optional standard mileage rates, The internal revenue service (irs) has issued the 2014 optional standard mileage rates used to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile.
In New York City, Perfect Storm is Building: 20 years of decreasing crime rates coming to an end. NYC’s new openly Maoist mayor will have the crime rate back up to levels seen in Nuevo Loredo in no time. I strongly suspect that policing was NOT the reason for the crime rate drop in NYC over the last fifteen or so years.
I do believe that the crime rate dropped because of gentrification: property values went sky-high over the last fifteen years, such that the criminal element had to move out of the city and took crime with them. We can clearly discenr sevaral trends coming together.Lots of writing nowadays could use a good editor. I agree with just about everything you’re saying, except I need to point out that the majority of NYPD live in NYC. I read an article that the big dummy was conferencing with criminal elements to understand how to make life better for them and thier communities, any ideas?
I thought it had as well, but when looking to see if it was more than just an inkling from long ago I searched for NYPD residency requirements and found Bloomberg in 2011 discussing the proposal but rejecting it; and a NY state residency requirement but not a city one.
It doesn’t make sense for liberals like Mayor-elect DiBlasio to be strongly pro-gun-control but also against stopping and frisking.
How else can mayors keep guns, particularly illegal ones, from proliferating among their citizens unless their police have the power to search for them?
He was The Washington Post's chief State Department reporter for nine years, traveling around the world with three different Secretaries of State.
He has been critical of rivals, such as Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, for being lax on crime. It shows the violent crime rate for New York and three other large American cities over two decades.
Philip Kafinitz, professor of sociology at the City University of New York Graduate Center, notes that the drop in the crime rate began under Giuliani's Democratic predecessor, David Dinkins, and has continued under Bloomberg, who has adopted "a kindler, gentler approach" than Giuliani.
Some attribute the decline to improved policing methods, and the "zero tolerance" approach pioneered by Giuliani and his first police commissioner, William Bratton. Giuliani cites a fusillade of statistics and facts to make his arguments about his successes in running New York City and the merits of his views.
The thesis regarding abortion may not be politically correct, but I think it plays a significant role in the drop of crime.
If any of those ideas could have made it into a peer-reviewed publication, they would be there.
If you focus the cities energies on the issue of reducing crime and hire enough police then you will reduce crime.
EX: Rudy says that he "corrects" all criminals caught in his Stalin-esque "Dept of "Corrections", but admits that NONE of them are ever rehabilitated, and that most get worse and more criminal each time Rudy "corrected" them.
More broadly, most of the points in Freakanomics were first peer-reviewed papers in respected journals.

The kind of law that allows you to go onto the floor of the Stock Exchange and arrest 2 men , with the aid of Federal Marshalls wearing Flak Vests and carrying Automatic weapons ? Giuliani was a vocal and active leader in this conservative revolution against crime staring in 93-94.
Bratton seems to have a definite impact in Los Angeles, where he was hired as police chief.
Mayor Rudy Giuliani set the tone: aggressive policing would be rewarded, active cops would go to elite crime-fighting units like Street Crime and Narcotics and get plenty of overtime for arrests.
Some do come from Westchester or Nassau County, or even further afield, but they’re less than half. I also think a lot of crimes in NYC were deliberately reported incorrectly to make the statistics look better. Be sure to welcome your new neighbors with all your Southern charm, graciousness, and hospitality, and maybe some will rub off on them. Before that, he covered tax and budget policy for The Washington Post and also served as the newspaper's national business editor. There is truth in what he says and if you spoke up like the professional Police Commissioner Bratton, you were removed.
To examine abortion as the causal mechanism for crime reduction, one needs an accurate pre-Roe abortion rate, which is, by definition, impossible. To suggest that a city is "safer" than another is meaningless--there are perfectly safe neighborhoods in Detroit.
Or in an effort to make a name for yourself, trump up charges against Michael Millican, and try to coerce him into entering a plea bargain arrangement.
But aggressive policing tactics such as Stop and Frisk and targeting open-air narcotics sellers, coupled with the get-tough approach on quality-of-life crimes, is now being scrutinized.
Quite a few of the guys I went to school with became policemen, all of whom live in different parts of the city. Otherwise get ready to give up on more territory closer to your home as they start to make your environment suit them. More inportant is that Rudy is standig on the shoulders of those who did the real heavy lifting in the late 80's and early 90's. It's also pretty much the stupidest thing ever considered--just because it's provocative doesn't make it right, or even worthy of consideration. What Guiliani must answer is whether, and which, neighborhoods experienced decreased crime and why.
That was the one that outlawed policies that restricted public employees from inquiring about the immigration status, or reporting immigration violators to Federal Authorites. We have widespread unemployment and a faltering economy, and a progressive mayor, Bill DiBlasio, who has indicated that he is against Stop and Frisk. Mayor Dinkins who added additional tax burden on the residents to increase the needed increase in number of police officers. With an overall descending rate nationally, he has a pretty weak leg to stand on from the get go.
I have more in common with the average denizen of Santiago Chile than I do the average denizen of NYC. Or has he simply given license for cops to bust anyone they dislike, while depriving kids of their parents for 5-10 years? At least with the Chilean I probably share religion as well as a shared outlook on the sanctity of life.
Watch any movie or TV show from this era, there is crack, cocaine, violence and lack of police. Bratton reduced crime by 50% from 90-92 when he was the commissiner of the subways under dinkins. Bratton promoted Jack Maples who was an officer with the transit police and perfected the Compstat medthod of crime fighting. Using the taxpayer's money for security for him and his paramour as he traveled back and forth to her digs, to carry on yet another adulterous affair. I know this is a subject for Law and Order, but there is a code of order and the Laws enacted for the Catholic Faith . Have you ever heard Rudy give credit to Dinkins for taking the hard decisions during a poor economic performance in NYC of raising taxes so he could put more police on the street to help the citizens? He claims he would secure the border but would deport only illegal aliens who've committed big crimes.
Marrying his second cousin without a dispensation because a priest, his High School chum, Monsignor Placa told him he didn't need it, the carrying on 2 adulterous affairs afterwards. He said he would deport such Illegals, but then offer a pathe to citizenship for some illegal aliens. Forced from Gracie Mansion, going to live with 2 homosexuals and Placa, now defrocked because of pedophile advances.
Judge Shira A Scheindler did not find that stop-and-frisk itself was unconstitutional, only that it was unconstitutionally applied. She determined that many stops lacked reasonable suspicion and police were racially profiling.

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