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NYC is the fashion center of the United States and is at the forefront of setting trends in the fashion industry.
Rockefeller Center, located just off of Fifth Avenue, has over 100 stores and offers great options for shopping in New York City. The variety of shops at Rockefeller Center should go a long way toward serving your needs: clothing, shoes, stationary, specialty chocolates, jewelry, and more.
New York City has classic department stores that sell a wide variety of items ranging from clothes to blenders. For items that are a little less new, New York City Flea Markets are treasure troves of goodies that can keep you digging for hours.

Just because you're in New York City doesna€™t mean you have to pay high prices for great fashion.
Like most thrift shops, it takes a little effort to sift through the racks, but the prices make it worth the trouble. Unique experiences include visiting the Middleton Doll Newborn Nursery, where the nurse can help your child find the perfect baby doll, or designing a muppet at the Muppet Whatnot Workshop. Enjoy wandering the multiple floors of the store, each of which has shelves that are jam-packed with books. For a diverse selection of markets, from open air markets selling local goods to specialty stores with imported cheeses, read more about New York City Markets.

If you're shopping in New York City for a big purchase, we recommend Adorama (located at 18th St.
Further north, in Midtown, is B&H Photography, the camera and camera equipment superstore (at Ninth Avenue and 34th Street). Both B&H and Adorama are reputable and high quality camera stores that are worth going out of the way for if you are in the market for more than a memory card.

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