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SF-based IwamotoScott Architecture have designed an incredible spiraling mixed-use high rise as part of an economic study for Greenwich South, the 41-acre site directly south of the World Trade Center.
The tower’s two bases straddle Edgar Street and then spiral up, joining in the middle before splitting off into two atria. The Edgar Street Towers are planned for a prominent location at the south end of Manhattan, where they would serve as a beacon for the area and a civic landmark. George has more than 20 years’ experience in the energy sector, particularly nuclear generation, transmission and distribution, asset management, construction and risk management.
Andy is a chartered mechanical building services engineer with particular interests and experience in energy masterplanning and turning the concepts of sustainability and low carbon living into practice.
Andy was appointed Executive Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation in 2010. Previously, Andy worked in the private sector in the emerging international carbon and biofuel markets, working with companies to develop both strategic and practical management responses to emerging opportunities and legislation.
His public policy work has focused on developing effective national and regional policy frameworks that support the reduction in dependence on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions. Jon Mallen-Beadle is currently the Managing Director at The Gateshead Housing Company, previously he was the Director of Finance and Corporate Services.
The Gateshead Housing Company was assessed by the Audit Commission in February 2009 as providing an excellent three-star service that has excellent prospects for improvement. Michael O’Neill is the owner and Director of Craighall Energy Limited, based in Glasgow. Michael has a wealth of experience in both onshore and off-shore engineering, main contracting in the construction sector and for the past 6 years has been focussed on the utility and energy sector, holding senior management roles in the commercial, project delivery, network design and strategy departments within both ScottishPower Energy Networks and the wider ScottishPower Corporate Body.
Michael draws upon significant experience in the development and implementation of new business models, procurement strategy and advice, management of multi-skilled design teams and strategic engagement in the development and delivery of partnerships within the private and public sector. Graham Pinfieldis Project Manager for the EU funded STEP UP project for Glasgow City Council.

Jonathan has over 20 years’ experience in the Technology, Design, Property and Construction sector, as well as in Finance and Investment in Strategic Development working with both the private and public sector. Jonathan has overseen the development of projects, particularly for two funding mechanisms: REIF (Renewable Energy Investment Fund) and UK GIB (Green Investment Bank).
A large part of Jonathan’s role is liaising between the public and private sectors for project inception and development. Until recently, Jonathan also carried out a similar role for the City of Edinburgh Council, for strategic property and investment development. Jonathan created Project Edinburgh and the String of Pearls projects for the City of Edinburgh whilst on secondment from Standard Life from 2004 to 2008. Having created a number of development frameworks, projects and investment opportunities with the Project Edinburgh Design Team; Jonathan and the team then secured major investment interest in the city from global investors and developers. Straddling Edgar Street, the twisting tower features a number of sustainable building strategies, including an environmentally modeled skin, fiber-optic daylighting, and bio-filtration terrarium floors within dual-branching atria, which work much like a set of lungs to provide fresh air to the building.
This second split is where the bio-filtration terrarium floors are located — these open gardens provide clean air to the occupants inside. Inside, the 1,300 foot towers would feature space for living, working, art, performance, retail, a branch public library as well as a rooftop sky lobby and civic space. More recently they have been awarded Investors in People Gold Standard and the Health and Wellbeing Award. The setting up of Keelman Homes provided both the company and the Council with added flexibility in terms of appropriate delivery vehicles. With over 17 year’s industry experience, he also holds an Honours Degree in Quantity Surveying and a Master of Laws Degree (LLM) in Construction (specialising in the Law of Contract and EU Procurement Law).
At present Craighall Energy have Clients that include Scottish Government, Scottish Canals, Glasgow City Council, University of Strathclyde and Luddon Construction.
He is currently responsible for development of commercial and economic models for a range multi-million pound, low carbon and renewable energy investments; helping to identify and support funding and grant applications, forecasting CAPEX, OPEX, NPV, IRR and Simple Payback.

One of the key deliverables for STEP UP inGlasgowis an enhanced Sustainable Energy Action Plan for the city.
This has involved the development and coordination of the Scottish Green Investment Portfolio (SGIP) assisting the accessibility for finance for Low Carbon and Green Sector projects, development and planning of new funds and delivery structures for Energy, Waste and Community Renewable projects. He advises on the development of teams to progress projects and investment structures and sourcing Public and Private finance and delivery interest for major projects. It was interesting to hear experiences from other sectors and I enjoyed Dr John Boyle's presentation. A light-transmitting fiber optic array draws daylight down into the building during the day. The design study was commissioned by the Downtown Alliance and led by ARO, Beyer Blinder Belle & OPEN. Craighall Energy is leading on the design, cost planning and delivery plan for an integrated, multi-million pound, combined heat and power (CHP) and district heating (DH) solution in both the City Centre North and wider North Glasgow areas. He is also focussed on both the environmental benefits of integrated energy solutions and has a personal and keen interest in developing solutions that offer wider community and social benefits as well as supporting necessary returns on any capital investment.
Then at night, the fiber optics work in reverse, lighting up the towers from the inside and with power provided by integrated solar-charged battery packs. This project has ambitious plans to integrate a range of technological solutions (both renewable and low carbon) with potential for a city-wide district heating network, linking up social housing, new build and urban regeneration projects, university, hospital and municipal buildings and aims to tackle a number of socio-economic and environmental issues that exist between the stakeholders in the wider community. The building skin is also environmentally modulated for optimal solar shading and wind resistance.

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