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New York’s City Hall, located in Lower Manhattan, is the country’s oldest city hall that is still used for its original purpose. For the advance reservation tours your guide will meet you at the Nathan Hale statue in City Hall Plaza.
For the first-come, first-serve tours the meeting point will be the tourism kiosk where you signed up. Plans for the current City Hall began in 1802, when the city had a design competition for the future building. Once went into the old subway beneath the Central Parkway in Cincinnati, 50 years ago;lots of cold war supplies as i recall.
The closed off platform at Aldwych station is now used as the shooting range for King’s College Rifle Shooting club! New York’s famous City Hall subway station, one of the most gorgeous gems in the world of mass transit, has been closed for decades. However, thanks to an immediate need to expand the original IRT line with newer, longer cars, the City Hall Station was closed just a few decades later on December 31, 1945. Although it would spend the next few decades closed to the public, the tracks were still used as the turnaround point for the 6 train after its final Brooklyn Bridge stop.
About a decade ago, New York City began the long and arduous process of restoring the City Hall Station as New York’s transit museum, but security concerns that started before September 11, 2001 fully killed the idea after the twin towers fell.
If you have a little extra time, you can stay on the train and view the City Hall Station as the train makes its turnaround. If tourist get off at this stop would they have to wait for another train to make its way around or is there an alternative way out.
I have a copy of Lost New York (Google Play, Amazon) which has a bunch of amazing photos of buildings and subway stations in New York.
There are also a number of books that credit photos of abandoned stations on Amazon, however I’m not as familiar with their contents. City Hall is one of the old terminal of the first line of Metro New York , designed with sumptuous details to become a prominent station in the Metro Line Lenxington.
Built from 1900 with curved platforms and elegant decor including iron chandeliers, glass skylights, and a selection of colors and tiles, the station opened in 1904 was huge news in the innovative development program transport public of New York . However, 50 years later, is obsolete for its curved shape impractical and impossible to extend platform.
Today (and for some years, with interruptions), the station City Hall can be explored as part of the tourist offer of the Transit Museum in New York through guided tours, although it is not an easy hike (you must be registered as member of the museum and reserve and prepayment required). The rails are kept in perfect condition, and are still used for underground services can make a turn (as part of a move that is not open to the public).

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Best Images of Lusaka This is a photo of  Lusaka City, it is a one of the most great cites in Africa. Best images of Grand Canyon Skywalk The brand-spanking new tourist attraction known as the Grand Canyon Skywalk will be shut down just a handful of days after it’s magnificent opening. While most of the city government offices are now housed in the big, magnificent Municipal Building, the Office of the Mayor and the City Council Chambers are still located in the City Hall building.
In the Dutch colonial era (when the city was called New Amsterdam), the city hall was called Stadt Huys (State House, in Dutch) and was located on Pearl Street in a former tavern. This was due in part to objections from the City Council, saying that the design was too extravagant and costly.
The line, opened in 1904, was intended to be a showpiece and crown jewel of the new subway system. The 6 train used to make all passengers leave the train at the Brooklyn Bridge stop, but no longer. In fact there is a bulletin specifically telling us to NOT kick anyone off at Brooklyn Bridge. To attend, you have to have to be a member of the New York Transit Museum and be ready to act quickly. Its architectural style was and is unusual, with a curved design, natural lighting, colorful crystals.

Station sumptuous architecture, could never have a use in relation to the importance of design.
However, once was chosen from the most beautiful subway stations in the world, has for decades been a phantom station, and since 2004, part of the U.S. Today we will show some buildings, monuments and marvelous works worldwide, that have opened in recent years. The city government operations then moved to a new home on Wall Street in 1700, where they would remain for the rest of the British colonial era.
The architects re-worked the design, making the building smaller and reducing the amount of marble used. Unlike the rest of the line, City Hall featured tall tile arches, brass fixtures, and skylights that ran along the entire curve of the station — a sort of miniature Grand Central Station. Brooklyn Bridge downtown is treated as a regular stop, and conductors are not supposed to waste any extra time there.
Was rendered inoperable by the end of 1945, after reforms in the circulation system that left out the transport scheme. The Wall Street building also served as the first United States Capitol Building for New York’s brief period as the US capitol city.
They decided to only have the facade done in marble and to use cheaper brownstone on the back. In fact, befitting the elegance of the station, it was even the chosen place for hanging the commemorative plaques recognizing the achievement of building the underground train system.
Since then enters what is known as a ghost station, left abandoned for decades and as a little known rarity.
It resumed functions as City Hall when the capitol was moved to Philadelphia, and continued as such until the present building was opened in 1812. The site for the City Hall was at the far northern edge of the present city, so they reasoned that not many people would see the back anyway. McCombs was a native New Yorker (his father had worked on the previous City Hall) and he also designed Castle Clinton. Midway through construction, in 1811, the City Commissioners unveiled the grid plan for Manhattan, which quickly moved the city northward. The mismatched back and front of the building was not remedied until 1954, when the entire building was refaced with Alabama limestone.

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