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News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. The New York City Housing Authority missed out on hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funds due to mismanagement, an audit by the city comptroller’s office said. The $32 million it’s anticipated to bring in is desperately needed, according to sources, with NYCHA facing a $40 million yearly deficit amidst a reduction in government support in the last decade.
Furthermore, the construction of new housing won’t necessarily bring in more ground-level retail or commercial space which could activate the streetscape. Retail and commercial facilities are virtually excluded from consideration (except at one development) because they would require zoning variances and increased scrutiny by community leaders under the Urban Land Use and Review Process (ULURP). As can be imagined, residents are upset by more than lengthy, future construction projects in their backyard.
Meanwhile, in the architecture world, a Parsons architecture studio was tasked to sensitively imagine new uses for the untapped development rights within the Alfred E. If the architecture world, who created this urban typology to begin with, can do a conceptual 180, is it possible for governments and developers to as well? The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) is proud to recognize the 50th anniversary of Saint Mary's Park Houses in the Melrose neighborhood of the South Bronx. Today the development boasts a renovated Community Center, which hosts an active Partners-In-Reading Program. Today Saint Mary's Park is blooming with cherry blossom trees and an active resident community.
The 50th Anniversary of this prime residence of the South Bronx is a testament to the quality of NYCHA developments in all parts of our city. Make no little plans: they have no magic to stir men's blood and probably themselves will never be realized.

The New York City Housing Authority, the countrya€™s largest public housing agency, has fallen far short of its pledge to make fixes to residentsa€™ apartments in a timely manner and eliminate a massive repair backlog,A an auditA by New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer has found.
In fact, the housing authority was reporting repairs in such a way that a€?obscures the actual amount of time it takes NYCHA to fully complete repairs,a€? theA audit found. In one case that we observed in April, NYCHA effectively counted a repair as fixed after a worker simply put a bucket under a leak. More than 40 percent of residents in a survey by the comptroller said that their repair issues were not fully resolved. Kelly added that the agency itself isna€™t solely to blame, pointing to a€?billions in underfunding by all levels of government, outdated and inefficient management models, and rapidly deteriorating buildingsa€? as the underlying reasons for the agencya€™s ongoing troubles with upkeep and repairs.
The audit specifically noted that NYCHA hadA failed to complyA with policies and procedures on how to address the mold that plagues many NYCHA apartments. Envisioned as a Utopian solution to the cramped, poorly designed housing that faced the polluted industrial cities of the time, such housing developments often failed to live up to their promise. Smith Houses, which is part of NYCHA’s plan to lease out ground space within eight Manhattan housing projects to real estate developers, announced in February this year. The developers would be required to include 20% affordable housing, but the inclusion of market rate housing would mark a reversal of the 1950s government policy which effectively separated middle and low income residents in public housing. The Saint Mary's Park development is an active community that consists of six, 21-story buildings and is home to 2,261 residents. It was built on the site of the Bronx Garment Center, a block-long factory that was located on a rocky bluff, which was blasted with dynamite to bring it down to street level in 1956.
New York City commends NYCHA and Saint Mary's Park Houses for its role in the revitalization of the South Bronx and recognizes this important anniversary by proclaiming Thursday, April 30, 2009 in the City of New York as Saint Mary's Park Houses Day.
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The New York Daily NewsA had also raised questionsA about how NYCHA was reducing its repair backlog. As ProPublica detailed, NYCHAa€™s manner of tracking repairs has left the impression that repairs are completed even if only partial work had been done. The housing authority settled a federal class action lawsuit on mold problems in 2013, promising to fix the underlying causes.
Lawyers for the plaintiffs are seeking to take NYCHA back to court to enforce the promises made in the settlement. This week’s Forefront feature on Next City takes a deep dive into the ramifications of this plan.
Prior to the 1950s, NYCHA and New York City had been virtually the only places in the United States where projects were not segregated. Read more on Next City and CSS, and see some of the plans from the Parsons Studio on Urban Omnibus. At a hearing on Friday, the judge overseeing the case hadA some sharp wordsA for top NYCHA officials, none of whom attended the hearing, the New York Daily News reported.
How do you inhabit a village without disrupting it, altering an urban environment without simply creating defensive architecture? Open space in the housing projects were underutilized and unprogrammed, and remain mostly like this today in New York City. Still, places such as Queensbridge have made efforts to reprogram its exterior spaces while also providing revenue generating opportunities for residents.

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