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The New York City Housing Authority, the countrya€™s largest public housing agency, has fallen far short of its pledge to make fixes to residentsa€™ apartments in a timely manner and eliminate a massive repair backlog,A an auditA by New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer has found.
In fact, the housing authority was reporting repairs in such a way that a€?obscures the actual amount of time it takes NYCHA to fully complete repairs,a€? theA audit found.
In one case that we observed in April, NYCHA effectively counted a repair as fixed after a worker simply put a bucket under a leak. More than 40 percent of residents in a survey by the comptroller said that their repair issues were not fully resolved. Kelly added that the agency itself isna€™t solely to blame, pointing to a€?billions in underfunding by all levels of government, outdated and inefficient management models, and rapidly deteriorating buildingsa€? as the underlying reasons for the agencya€™s ongoing troubles with upkeep and repairs.
The audit specifically noted that NYCHA hadA failed to complyA with policies and procedures on how to address the mold that plagues many NYCHA apartments. Make no little plans: they have no magic to stir men's blood and probably themselves will never be realized.
The reports’ findings concluded that NYCHA sustains 30,000 jobs annually, of which 12,000 work for NYCHA.
In order to understand the value of preserving this critical asset, NYCHA took a look at the cost of rehabilitating its buildings to a state of good repair compared to the cost of replacing all of the buildings. HR&A is a real estate, economic development and energy-efficiency consulting firm that has conducted economic impact studies of organizations across the United States for three decades. Chairman Rhea, along with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, participated in a conference whose theme was Re-Imagining Public Housing: Beyond the Bricks and Mortar .
The New York Daily NewsA had also raised questionsA about how NYCHA was reducing its repair backlog.
As ProPublica detailed, NYCHAa€™s manner of tracking repairs has left the impression that repairs are completed even if only partial work had been done.
The housing authority settled a federal class action lawsuit on mold problems in 2013, promising to fix the underlying causes.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs are seeking to take NYCHA back to court to enforce the promises made in the settlement. The second report estimates that it would cost $17 billion to bring all of NYCHA’s public housing stock to a state of good repair, while tearing down and rebuilding all of public housing would escalate those costs to $66 billion. While other large cities have torn down, dismantled and replaced most of their public housing with far fewer low-income housing units, New York City has maintained most of its public housing stock, even in the face of continued federal defunding. HR&A, along with BJH Advisors LLC, which performs independent economic analyses for both public and private sector clients, worked together to produce the findings.
The gathering included public housing leaders and stakeholders and was co-sponsored by the Ford Foundation and the National Public Housing Museum, which is based in Chicago. González is the first public housing resident to be named a member of the Board of the New York City Housing Authority. Youssouf is a veteran in the fields of finance and housing, with an extensive background of more than 30 years of leadership positions and strong results in the private and public sectors. At a hearing on Friday, the judge overseeing the case hadA some sharp wordsA for top NYCHA officials, none of whom attended the hearing, the New York Daily News reported. Among the Authority’s residents who report employment, 19 percent work for either the City, State or federal government. NYCHA owns and operates 179,000 apartments in 334 developments consisting of 2,600 buildings housing more than 400,000 residents. Billings-Burford served as Deputy Executive Director of External Affairs for City Year New York. After her early involvement in the lunch-counter demonstrations of the Civil Rights Period, Ms. If all of NYCHA’s developments were torn down and rebuilt, the cost would be $66 billion at a cost of $370,000 per apartment. Prior to joining City Year, she served as the Director of External Affairs (NY) for Achievement First, a charter school management organization.

NYCEDC’s economic transformation agenda includes an aggressive slate of programs aimed at helping legacy industries transition to 21st Century business models, attracting promising new industries, and expanding entrepreneurship to ensure that the City is well positioned to thrive in the dynamic 21st Century economy. In contrast, bringing all of NYCHA public housing to a state of good repair would cost an estimated $17 billion, or $99,000 per apartment. As initial members of the new board, they are appointed for fixed terms of one, two or three years. He is a tireless public housing resident leader and advocate, and has served as president of the Wise Towers Residents Association since 2003 and as alternative member of NYCHA’s Resident Advisory Board. Previously she was a Managing Director at JP Morgan Securities where she was head of the Housing Finance Department. Billings-Burford spent most of her career with Prep for Prep, a New York based leadership development organization where she served in various capacities, including Director of College Guidance and Director of Leadership Development Opportunities. González also has done extensive work with advocacy groups, organizing workshop meetings for tenants and supporting activities that impact not only his development, Wise Towers, but also the community around him. Under her direction, HDC became the number one issuer of multi-family affordable housing bonds in the country for 2004 through 2007.
Youssouf is a graduate of Wagner College with Honors, and holds an MA in Urban Policy Analysis and Management from Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy. Following his military service, he spent 33 years working for the United Parcel Service, retiring as international Team Leader in Customer Service in 2005.

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