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After the murder of an NYPD officer Tuesday night, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Friday he would provide $42 million in funding for security improvements at New York City Housing Authority developments.
But the Cuomo administration later solicited proposals from legislators for how they would like the money to be doled out, leading city officials to worry that the money would be spent on less necessary items than roof repair.
The reports’ findings concluded that NYCHA sustains 30,000 jobs annually, of which 12,000 work for NYCHA.
In order to understand the value of preserving this critical asset, NYCHA took a look at the cost of rehabilitating its buildings to a state of good repair compared to the cost of replacing all of the buildings.
HR&A is a real estate, economic development and energy-efficiency consulting firm that has conducted economic impact studies of organizations across the United States for three decades. Chairman Rhea, along with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, participated in a conference whose theme was Re-Imagining Public Housing: Beyond the Bricks and Mortar .
The money, Cuomo said, would pay for security cameras, interior and exterior lighting, and gunfire detection technology, that could help protect residents like those who live in the East River Houses, where Tyrone Howard, the man suspected of shooting the police officer, Randolph Holder, lived and sold drugs.
Cuomo still has not released a full plan for how the $100 million will be spent, but his announcement Friday allocates a significant portion of the money.

The second report estimates that it would cost $17 billion to bring all of NYCHA’s public housing stock to a state of good repair, while tearing down and rebuilding all of public housing would escalate those costs to $66 billion. While other large cities have torn down, dismantled and replaced most of their public housing with far fewer low-income housing units, New York City has maintained most of its public housing stock, even in the face of continued federal defunding. HR&A, along with BJH Advisors LLC, which performs independent economic analyses for both public and private sector clients, worked together to produce the findings. The gathering included public housing leaders and stakeholders and was co-sponsored by the Ford Foundation and the National Public Housing Museum, which is based in Chicago. The money actually comes from a controversial pot of $100 million the state promised to New York City earlier this year as part of the state's budget.
Cuomo said in a release that NYPD data through this year shows an increase in shootings and robberies at NYCHA developments. Among the Authority’s residents who report employment, 19 percent work for either the City, State or federal government.
NYCHA owns and operates 179,000 apartments in 334 developments consisting of 2,600 buildings housing more than 400,000 residents.

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration requested the money to help repair roofs at the developments, which have fallen into major disrepair and where leaks are common.
His office said the sites for the security enhancements were developed after the state’s office of Homes and Community Renewal consulted with local stakeholders, including residents at NYCHA houses.
If all of NYCHA’s developments were torn down and rebuilt, the cost would be $66 billion at a cost of $370,000 per apartment.
In contrast, bringing all of NYCHA public housing to a state of good repair would cost an estimated $17 billion, or $99,000 per apartment. We have heard that concern and will be funding critical safety and security upgrades at NYCHA developments in the five boroughs.

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