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21st century technology Is New York City the Only One Preparing for the Consequences of Climate Change? In it the city government committed to reducing greenhouse gas emission (GHG) by 30% in 2020 and by 80% in 2050. In addition the city plan targeted smog-causing pollutants with a planned reduction of 20% by 2012.
Another Toronto goal was to increase the tree canopy to 34% across the city to reduce the heat island effect. In the area of energy the action plan talked about supporting energy conservation and establishing renewable energy goals for municipal government use. On the issue of extreme weather events the action plan talked about the city conducting vulnerability scans for all operations.
NYC took a beating after Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and as a result tackled the issue of climate change action with an eye to hardening the city to deal with extreme weather. Besides the commitment to reducing GHGs by 30% from 2005 to 2030, plaNYC focuses on preparing the city for extreme climate events. The plan talks about increasing the resilience of the natural systems and infrastructure to climate risks going well beyond the issues of GHGs.
This includes evaluating critical infrastructure to protect against floods, identifying where along the almost 900 kilometers (520 miles) of coastline the city is most vulnerable to extreme storms, renewing and restoring coastal wetlands to reduce erosion and storm surges, hardening power delivery and introducing a smarter grid, and creating continuous climate change projections to develop emergency management preparedness.
An Adaptation Task Force has combined 40 public and private organizations responsible for critical infrastructure in an effort to coordinate a common strategy to address all aspects of climate risk including extreme weather events. The NYC plan includes over 500 events per year focused on educating New Yorkers, knowing that citizens and community groups can better deal with weather events when they have as much information as possible in the event of extreme weather and other climate change issues.
The planning by New York makes Toronto’s efforts to-date look like a dereliction of duty by the city government. One of the American cities is El Paso, Texas, population 672,500, situated on the banks of the Rio Grande River. Joining Bangkok are Berlin, Germany, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Bogota, Colombia, Melbourne, Australia, and Seoul, South Korea. Nico Crowe cooks food to be given out to neighborhood residents on Avenue C in the East Village on Thursdayas the city recovers from Hurricane Sandy. On my way home last night, it was incredibly startling to see the city as seen from going down Second Avenue: all of a sudden, around 39th street, the lights are gone. But, as we always are in a crisis, New Yorkers have been friendly and compassionate and helpful wherever I've been. At the very least, most of my friends have reached out on Facebook offering their places to hang out or crash for anyone without power or heat or water. It's interesting because during the day it almost looks like nothing is wrong, except people aren't dipping in and out of buildings as often south of 39th Street. Some bars and restaurants downtown are still open too, generally with limited service; the day after the storm, I saw a few places open offering free coffee and (in one instance) free bread to anyone who came by because nothing else providing those was open within a nontrivial radius.

I haven't made it to alphabet city or the Lower East Side yet, where I know that several streets were completely swamped and under a foot or a few of water. Anyone with photos damaged from Hurricane Sandy may bring up to 20 photos to be evaluated and potentially restored. Following family and pets, photos are the next most cherished possession, as the memories captured in photos are all that remain after a natural disaster. Operation Photo Rescue (OPR) is a federally registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity that restores photographs that have been damaged by natural disasters.
The OPR CommunityThe OPR Workshop is our community forum where volunteers from all over the world collaborate and share tips on the best techniques to restore severely damaged photos. Two years after hurricane sandy flooded tunnels and the subway system, new york’s infrastructure is still recovering.
El Paso over the last decade has experienced all kinds of climate extremes from devastating floods to multiple years of drought.
In the headlines this summer, Boulder suffered devastating floods (see image above) that washed away 1,800 homes, saw 10 people lose their lives, and cost $2 billion in property losses. Bangkok, Thailand, which has experienced significant flooding in the last decade developed an initial action plan in 2007 and has renewed it to cover the period up to 2023. What these cities are doing should be a wake up call to all the world’s major urban centres. South of 39th Street, everyone drives slowly because there are no lights for the crosswalks so everyone just tries to scurry across the street wherever there is a gap in the traffic, but meanwhile the cars aren't going more than 15 to 20 mph anyway, to avoid accidents.
I can strike up a friendly conversation with anyone on the street to commiserate about what resources we don't have. Lots of people are walking around, if only to get out of their apartments, where nothing works. I've seen trees torn up by their roots to the point that they've destroyed the cobblestones around them and New Yorkers are just calmly walking around them when walking their dogs.
Photos that can be repaired will be digitally captured with state-of-the-art imaging technology and later restored and printed. Chase, through its Technology for Social Good program, is supplying the imaging stations, software and volunteers to help make the photos available electronically. OPR was founded in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in January 2006 by two photojournalists, Dave Ellis and Becky Sell.
No talk about hardening of infrastructure to reduce the likelihood of loss of power such over 900,000 experienced in this last week.
But the single greatest threat the city will face in the future is a declining volume of freshwater.
CAP is the name of Boulder’s plan to integrate a number of strategies including reducing GHGs and implementing a CAP tax, the first of its kind to help defray the cost of climate change impacts. The focus has moved from GHG reductions to mitigating and adapting to devastating weather events and rising sea levels.

He is married with a daughter who works in radio, and a miniature red poodle who is his daily companion on walks of discovery.
A cab driver today said that if his credit card meter didn't work by the time we got to my destination, he would accept whatever I had in cash, it was OK (the meter worked fine, in the end). The one thing you see more of is people walking and trying to get signal on their phone, because a lot of the cell towers are down, so everyone has their phone out checking to see if they have service. Photos that are stuck together can be separated by soaking, but should first be tested on a corner to see if the emulsion is stable enough to soak. The School of Visual Arts is also providing imaging technology in addition to volunteers and the space. Since then, the organization has grown into a network of over 2,000 volunteers from across the globe. No talk about contingency planning in the event of contamination of water sources when the filtration systems stop pumping as occurred for a short time this week.
This has led to a strategic plan to manage water, storm water runoff and wastewater recycling. The tax is levied through the use of electricity and is collected by the local power utility.
Stores are open by flashlights and generators to sell necessities (cigarettes count as necessities). No development of backup generator capacity for the most vulnerable public facilities like hospitals. Natural landscaping that better fits the scrub of the semi-desert of West Texas has replaced lawns in many El Paso homes. The workers at grocery stories are incredibly helpful when you walk in and ask if they have any water or nonperishables left. If any images that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights over any of them and do not agree with it being shown here, please also contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible.. Two major city hospitals were running on emergency power for several days before the grid feed was restored. I've seen more than one group of tourists completely bewildered on the streets and a few locals giving them detailed directions where to go and where to head and how to get there.
To-date six programs have received funding from the money raised through CAP and trash collection levies.

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