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NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE BUILDING, at 346 Broadway, white marble structure occupying entire block. is something like a private digital image archive, containing mostly graphics, engravings or photographs from more than 3 centuries. Our clients (our philosophy is customer for life) can go through all of the educational resources and information available to procure vast knowledge about the various pest control and extermination issues that exists.
When bed bug pests (Cimex lectularius) have adequate available blood sources they also have a shorter lifespan.

Bed bugs who feed regularly have a lifespan of ten months, while those without adequate feeding can live a little more than a year. The freshly hatched nymph is beige-colored before feeding, and then turns a redish color after getting a blood meal. If a blood host is available, bed bugs can live to see three generations of offspring ready willing and hungry to prey on their human hosts.
There are 5 nymphal stages for bed bugs to reach maturity, which usually takes about 32-48 days.

They are often deposited in clusters and attached to cracks, crevices or rough surfaces near adult harborages with a sticky epoxy-like substance. Adult bed bugs can survive for up to seven months without blood and have been known to live in empty buildings for up to one year.

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