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In the late 1920s, people in the United States believed they were enjoying a time of unprecedented prosperity.
In this photo from February 1932, people are standing in the New York City breadlines for hours in order to get something to eat. New York Daily News The Great Gatsby era: New York City in the Roaring Twenties New York City in The Great Gatsby era The 1920s are roaring back into style with the release of "The Great Gatsby" on May 10, 2013 starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Joel Edgerton and Tobey Maguire. In an attempt to control crowds, police began making arrests.Despite the drama of the day, economists at the time theorized that the crash was really just a small setback, and the market would correct itself soon.

By the time Franklin Delano Roosevelt took office in 1933, there were around 15 million unemployed people in the United States. He declared a bank holiday, shutting them down so they could be reopened with new reforms in place.
Director Baz Luhrmann brings back to life the era of Louis Armstrong and Paul Whiteman and the story originally written by F. A look back at the newspaper's most iconic images Daily News' most iconic images As the Daily News celebrates its 96th birthday, we look back through our archives at the newspaper's most iconic photos taken throughout history.

More people were buying automobiles, formerly luxury machines for the very rich, and the stock market was soaring. Just when things were looking up again, recession hit the country in 1937.Unemployed people are gathering in front of New York's City Hall in this photo from 1931.

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