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Narrow down your selection of Luxury Rental Apartments with these unique buildings that feature a twin-tower design, because even buildings want a little company. If you are looking for a new apartment in Manhattan, chances are that you are going to be looking for homes in neighborhoods like the Upper West Side or Greenwich Village. Recent reports heralding the arrival of the 275 square foot micro rental apartments in Manhattan have reinforced the notion that apartments for rent in New York City are small, uncomfortable and unpleasant to live in.
Recent reports of rents shooting up in New York City may be a cause of concern for several home-hunters in the city, but there is also a privileged class of New Yorkers who are willing to shell out a lot of dollars to be able to live in luxury and style. With the number of high profile buildings that Lincoln Square contains today, it is hard to believe that this neighborhood was once regarded as an eyesore in New York City.
HOUSING IN NEW YORKNew York is a city where the demand for housing sometimes exceeds the supply. Feel For Heel Allowed Women To Do Boardroom DealBefore Manolo Blahnik was a famous shoemaker, he was an imaginative boy growing up in the Canary Islands with a chic mother who inspired his nascent love of art. Unusual Tower Creates Landmark For Seoul DevelopmentUnusual double-helix external bracing will stabilize a 620-meter-tall tower at the center of the 20-building Yongsan International Business District, planned for a huge site next to the Han River in Seoul, South Korea.
Queens Real Estate And Apartments — Finding A Home In Queens, NYRecent sales data for New York City real estate has never been easier for home hunters to access.
AFFORDABLE COOPERATIVE APARTMENTS FOR SALE IN MANHATTANNew York City's New York City Housing Development Corporation Cooperative Loan Financing Program in conjunction with assistance from the Housing Partnership Development Corporation, and the New York State Affordable Housing Corporation.
Urban Entertainment Districts: Blocks Where No One Has FunCities keep trying to create downtown cool with dull nightlife districts.
Harlem Heaven StudioHarlem Heaven Studio Ever in your life celebrated the end of summer in New York City, United States? Archstone Midtown West LUXURY RENTALSSome apartments feature wall-to-wall windows with sweeping city views High ceilings on select floors Balconies on select apartments on the of luxury city living to your front door. Hearing Thursday On $85M Downtown DevelopmentAn $85 million Downtown development might move a step closer Thursday to becoming reality.

150 East 72nd StrEEtLocation, sizable apartments, high ceiling heights, original hardwood floors and moldings, excellent window lines, and spectacular views. ARCHSTONE BROOklyN HEigHTSW elcome to Archstone Brooklyn Heights, a building that not only promotes luxury apartments, but luxury living.
Unparalleled NYC Parking Spot Up For $1 MillionBy Mark Russell, Newser Staff New York has long been home to some of the most expensive apartments in the world. BEACON MEWS APARTMENTSBEACON MEWS APARTMENTS 34 West 139 th Street, New York, NY 10037 Thank you for contacting us.
Once we receive your inquiry we will send you a customized report of all listings that best meet your preferences within 24 hours. Once we receive your inquiry we will send you a customized apartment rental report of all listings that best meet your criteria within 24 hours.
From grand swimming pools to state-of-the-art fitness centers, New York’s luxury rental buildings are putting out a stunning variety of amenities to lure in potential residents.
Be it in the relaxed spaces of the city’s charming art galleries, or even by scouting out the various public installations on the streets, New Yorkers are always on the lookout for their daily dose of art. After all, these are the neighborhoods that are enjoying a lot of buzz, thanks to both the quality of the homes in the area, as well as the livability of the area itself.
This is a belief that has been perpetuated for several years, thanks to television shows and movies that showcase New Yorkers living their busy lives in cramped spaces. Rents for such palatial homes can range from $30,000 to a staggering $60,000 a month, but the costs don’t seem to worry this elite and exclusive group.
It was with the arrival of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts on 65th Street and Broadway that the neighborhood began its transformation from one containing dilapidated buildings and an unwelcome atmosphere to a beautiful one replete with swanky, urban condos and trendy hotspots. Classroom buildings are crowded and highly-trafficked, residence halls are high-rise apartments, and the student body is large and very diverse. In the early 1970s, after studying literature and architecture in Geneva, he put on his best red-and-white gingham suit and approached Vogue editor Diana Vreeland to show her his work. Brooklyns Apartment and Realty Services is not responsible for printing or typographical errors.

With some of the best service and most indulgent amenities, these New York City luxury hotels aim to please.
But now the city that never sleeps is getting a new icon of excess — a $1 million parking spot, reports the New York Post. Students share apartments in a luxury apartment building with concierge, security and other amenities.
Interestingly enough, out of all these dazzling services, it is the hotel-style concierge service that’s become an increasingly in-demand amenity in New York City apartment buildings.
This could explain why many luxury rental buildings in the city are using some of their space to host and display impressive pieces of artwork, which, besides serving as a conversation starter for their residents, also amps up the glamor quotient of the buildings. Having said that, the apartments here won’t come cheap, since rents, after all, are so closely correlated with the reputation of the neighborhood.
However, while there may be some residences that fit the stereotype, these images are certainly not representative of all rentals in the city. For them, maintaining the standard of luxury living they are used to is far more important than worrying about the number of figures in their rent checks. Has Created Three Spectacular Model Apartments for the Element building located at 555 West 59th Street in New York City.
Buying it would be the same as paying a $115 ticket for illegal parking every day for 24 years, notes the paper.
Several of the city’s newest and finest residential developments are offering apartments for rent, with residents enjoying sensational lifestyles that could give homeowners a run for their money. Pricing, policies, and availability are subject to change without notice as properties may be sold or rented.

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