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Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! As you can see the NYC area's rail system is very big and I left out Airtrain JFK, AirTrain Newark, Newark City subway, among others . I was actually just at a Metro training facility today practicing for fires or special rescues with the Metro. And though it isn't a rail line, it should be noted that Staten Island does have a public transit ferry operated by the same agency running to and from Manhattan. The solution handles designs of any complexity, and the comprehensive library covers all key aspects of a transportation system.
Metro Map solution extends ConceptDraw PRO software with templates, samples and library of vector stencils for drawing the metro maps, route maps, bus and other transport schemes, or design tube-style infographics. How to draw Metro Map style infographics of New York subway. New York Subway has a long history starting on October 27, 1904.
Using ConceptDraw PRO, you can create metro maps, route maps and various transport schemes. You can save your drawing as a Web pages. ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software offers the easiest and time-saving way of drawing the MTA Subway Map.

ConceptDraw PRO software enhanced with Metro Map Solution from the Maps Area of ConceptDraw Solution Park provides extensive drawing tools for fast and easy creating various metro maps, route maps, transport schemes, metro path maps, subway train maps, and many other types of maps.
ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software is the best choice for making professional looking Subway Map. This spatial infographic example was created on the base of the tube map from the Transport for London website. To further enhance your map design, there is the option to embed links, that can display station images or other relevant, important information. It lets you control the direction in which you create new stations, change lengths, and add text labels and icons. ConceptDraw PRO adds the HTML tags that are needed to display your diagrams in a Web browser, so all you have to do is design their appearance. Los Angeles Metro Rail and Liner sample. This is a one-click tool to add stations to the map. Let's try to make sure this with Metro Map Solution from the Maps Area for ConceptDraw PRO Solution Park.
Opened in 1935 with one 11-kilometre (6.8 mi) line and 13 stations, it was the first underground railway system in the Soviet Union.

Use the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with Metro Map Solution from the Maps Area. ConceptDraw PRO provides Metro Map Solution from the Maps Area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
We have also included a set of samples in the solution, that show the possible real-world application — complex tube systems including the London Tube and New York City Subway show the level of detail possible when using the Metro Map Solution. The basic design concepts have been widely adopted for other network maps around the world, especially that of mapping topologically rather than geographically." [Tube map. This page present New York City subway map construct with Metro Map Solution in Conceptdraw PRO software.
The system is mostly underground, with the deepest section 74 metres (243 ft) at the Park Pobedy station. The Moscow Metro was the world's second most heavily used rapid transit system in 2012 after Seoul Metropolitan Subway." [Moscow Metro.

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