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Anyone out there have what I would call the most balanced and unbiased ideas on the neighborhood boundaries in NYC. If you live in a sub-neighborhood (Carnegie Hill in the UES) which one would you categorize as where you live? I know the club scene in Manhattan is dispersed, but what area would you consider a substantial club strip, not counting that st. And, if you ask three New Yorkers as to what is any given neighborhood, you're likely to get five different answers.
Greenwich Village and what is called the West Village are generally thought of as one neighborhood, as Greenwich Village is west of Broadway. NoHo is not the East Village, it divides Greenwich Village from the East Village, save for the northernmost of the Villages which do meet.
Chinatown now extends to around Chambers in the South, Broadway to the West, and there's debate as to how far above Canal that the district exists today, since some think that it has encroached and eroded Little Italy.

I find that a lot of people who don't live in Manhattan don't even know the names of most of the neighborhoods and say they're going to a certain street, or refer to it as uptown, midtown, and downtown.
Little Italy: From Grand to Canal only including Mulberry and Mott sts, then above Grand it is goes from the Bowery to Lafayette (Nolita). No neighborhood is the butt of more stroller jokes or the recipient of more anti-gentrification scorn.
New York City NeighborhoodsSpend a little time in this section of the site and you will get a feel for how the city breaks down. Below the Flatiron District there are many ethnically diverse neighborhoods, including Bohemian Greenwich Village, the East Village, SoHo (South of Houston Street), the Lower East Side, Little Italy, Chinatown, and the very trendy Tribeca (TRIangle BElow CAnal Street). But any way you slice it, Park Slope is the very definition of a well-rounded neighborhood.
Many of the apartments and co-ops in its extensive historic district feature private gardens.
1 and the Citigroup building—Long Island City has one foot planted in Queens (excellent diversity) and the other in Manhattan (very favorable commute times to midtown).

A little time here and you will be surprised how much easier you will get around the Big Apple. From Battery Park you can catch the Ferry to Staten Island, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. It falls just slightly below average in two: affordability (the average two-bedroom rental is $2,275) and diversity. Transit, however, is a challenge: Although Jackson Heights is blanketed with subway stations, commutes to midtown can be sluggish, averaging about 25 minutes.
Still, the seams sometimes show, as the neighborhood has a fairly high crime rate and poor public schools. The Theater District is, you guessed it, an area within Midtown that hosts the majority of the Broadway entertainment venues.

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