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In response to some high-profile abuses of state-issued parking placards and a report by the state’s Inspector General, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced yesterday that he will be reforming the way placards are issued and releasing ten percent fewer total placards. Currently, there are 2,210 state-issued parking placards, 1,730 of which are ostensibly police placards. The list of state officials caught abusing their placard privileges could fill a book, but the issue grabbed the spotlight when the Times reported that State Senator Carl Kruger, now indicted for corruption, had managed to swing police placards for his housemates Michael and Gerard Turano. That application process will allow the redesigned placards to display the license plate number of the car it belongs to, theoretically making it more difficult to share the placards or use them on personal vehicles after hours.
The proof will be in the pudding: the number of days before another state legislator gets caught abusing his placard. The reason placards work is because there is a class of automobilists who have successfully persuaded the authorities that they deserve the privilege of parking anywhere they like. Tory Burch Shoes to be able to snowboard together with gucci, fendi, style underneath the two packages associated with coat and also nasty hand bags.Fashion design and style Tory Burch Handbags will be brimming with confident impression regarding hint, novel fashion. Exactly who generally interested in meant for Discount Tory Burch vogue will find this many years immediately after the development of almost nothing throughout trend.several adult females is unable to withstand awesome as well as in vogue woman, whenever they pick out reva Tory Burch Sample Sale using distinct type, they’ll attempt their finest for getting that, they might apply to get Tory Burch Shoes Sale or perhaps finances rescheduleits period,Tory Burch Shoes Sale, it doesn’t matter what they are doing, that they wouldn’t imagine credit ratings carts that Tory Burch Handbags Sale will style of lifetime. Word On The Street “In all honestly, the workload frequently placed on volunteer CB members is often so large that only the retired or financially independent can put in the time without burning out. Yesterday the parking lots around the Cotton Bowl propelled Dallas over the downtown Duluth waterfront. The Bay Plaza Shopping Center is sandwiched between two highways in the northeast Bronx, south of Co-op City, the enormous 1960s-era housing complex. New York really should know better, but just a short distance from this site, another parking crater is in the works next to a new commuter rail station.
Sorry if I’m late to the party on this one, but the block at Jay Street and York in Dumbo shouts out at me on the Manhattan Bridge bike path every day. Voted for NYC, because this sea of parking is across the street from Co-Op City where over 100,000 people live.
Bruckner Plaza, in the southeast Bronx along the Bruckner Expressway, is yet another out of place parking crater comparable to Co-op City.
As I said in the nominating thread, I looked up the NYC one up on Google Maps and it’s not that close to a subway line. That Bay Plaza lot seems hardly impresses me next to the massive, uninterrupted sea of parking that Moses provided at nearby Orchard Beach. The walking path to the store could be a pleasent Joy with River views and hints of the park 1 block south.
SF removed the elevated Embarcadaro Freeway and as a result generated trillions in economic activity. Buffalo is removing the Robert Moses Parkway along its riverfront which runs through a urban park. You have a downtown and two college campuses (Kings and Wilkes) in close proximity to one another, yet you still have a parking crater. Copyright NoticeThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
While many outer borough Community Boards view new parking spaces as a traffic mitigation, experts say otherwise. If this massive reservoir of new off-street parking is not stopped, it will unleash a deluge of new traffic which will swamp congestion pricing, car-free parks and neighborhood traffic calming.
The sheer scope of the parking being added is daunting, and it’s being added everywhere except the core of Manhattan.

The new bus service John Liu is calling for will never be an attractive commute option while below market parking is being built.
Freddy Ferrer is proud of the 66,000 units of housing he helped finance in the Bronx, but most of the ones I’ve seen have come with parking where there previously was none. We may have gotten rid of a few hundred parking spaces in Manhattan in the past ten years, but it seems like we’ve been saddled with a lot more in the other four boroughs. This is simply a matter of fairness to non-car owners, who should not be forced to subsidize car owners, and it would reduce the amount of parking built significantly.
Given NY’s good transit, there is also a place for car-free housing and for car-free neighborhoods (like the one recently built in Frieburg, Germany, where parents line up in front of schools with bicycle trailers to pick up their children). Incidentally, a friend of mine was the organizer of Auto-Free Bay Area (now defunct), and he got a free parking space in his apartment building. Those are good things to say, Charles, and they will be helpful for rentals and some co-ops.
Angus: I suspect that those rentals and co-ops charge separately for parking but do not charge enough to cover the full cost of constructing that parking.
I was in a community meeting in close-in Queens yesterday where there is a rezoning going on. People are just lazy nowadays, they should get off their duffs and start walking around maybe we wouldn’t be so fat if we did! Instead, I think the city should seriously consider building light surface rail, especially in areas without or insufficient subway service in the outerboroughs. FYI, the Flushing Commons project is getting ZERO funding from the NYCEDC, contrary to what the article says.
I’d like to see a mass-transit true believer go from Flushing to Hollis, even Little Neck, or anywhere in western Nassau by subway, bus, or commuter train.
Billions in municipal or state investment to make mass transit TRULY viable for outer-borough point to point travel is a pipe-dream, so accommodating parking is the lesser evil — better to get all parking off-street, build enough spots so that people get in, out of their cars and walking around as quickly as possible. You can hide parking off-street (until you run out of land) but that doesn’t do anything about the congestion of cars coming and going from the parking.
The biggest pipe dream of all is that massive automobile use has a future in densely populated cities. Bloomberg and Quinn are dependent on the Queens Democratic machine for their power, and I’m sure Spitzer and Schumer owe them a lot too. These people want to further their suburban lifestyle within the city limits, and they want it subsidized by the average tax-paying, transit-riding New Yorker. Vista general El hotel estiloso Doubletree Suites By Hilton Hotel New York City - Times Square ofrece habitaciones espaciosas cerca de Strawberry Fields, Central Park y High Line. Aparcamiento hotelero pA?blico disponible en el establecimiento por una tarifa de USD 47 por dA­a.
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The new state placard regime will be only modestly more strict than before, but creates a framework for regulating what have become coveted perks and magnets for petty corruption. In October, Brooklyn Assembly Member Vito Lopez’s car was photographed with no fewer than three separate placards on the dashboard.

For example, are “official business” placards meaningfully different from police placards to the person handing out traffic tickets? This class includes police officers, ambulances, active-duty military, federal law enforcement, and doctors.
Tory Burch Flats, guys gives people zero cost, you not simply is usually hence uncomplicated, but very self-assured.
Even more common though is taking the bus there, and the buses are always stuck in traffic in Co-op City. AFAIK, the northeast Bronx was always suburban and Bay Plaza is just a green-field suburban development. Malls and highways are horrible, but New York City is still New York City, just a few blocks away. One of the reasons there’s way more streets than avenues on the grid is because it was assumed people would want to walk to the water, which was significantly easier before those highways went up. It’s tragic to see people drive these clapped out beat up cars they can barely afford to own, drive to save a couple of bucks at a discount store. Just a short bus ride away from the Queens Museum of Art, where the mayor delivered his speech, is Downtown Flushing. There is such profound myopia and ignorance about parking, that the public officials who should be stemming the problem, are fueling it. The buses will lack the convenience and flexibility of the private cars, and will sit stuck and underused in traffic.
They are not the best mass transit option and they won’t entice people to not use their cars, not to mention they pollute also. And does Cuomo have any plan to address symbols like an MTA vest in the windshield that aren’t technically placards but send the same message? Placard reform can limit the abuses of this privilege (by other municipal workers and elected officials, say), but just getting rid of placards won’t make authorities any less reluctant to ticket cops or doctors. Wilkes-Barre appears to have given up a large chunk of its livability and urbanity in favor of motorist convenience, not anticipating the very real possibility that those same motorists might just keep on driving, thereby leaving them with no advantage whatsoever as a result of the destruction.
There, the ideal of the mayor's Long-Term Planning and Sustainability project is running up against the reality of New York City's current-day development boom. Even in Flushing, with its wealth of transit, Councilmember John Liu (chair of the council's transportation committee), has fought to keep the cost for parking at Flushing Commons below market rate and to keep the number of new spaces as high as possible, despite studies that show they aren't all needed.The City Planning Department has long tried to restrict driving in Manhattan's Central Business District by not requiring developers to include parking, putting caps on the amount of parking that can be built, and taxing parking lots.
El establecimiento estA? ubicado a 250 metros de Museo de Arte Moderno de Nueva York, Teatro Best Buy y Casa consistorial.
A recent, notable exception is the rezoning of the enormous Hudson Yards area on Manhattan's West Side. Still, developers will also be required to build a certain amount of parking based on the size of the buildings they are constructing.
But UCLA Professor Donald Shoup, whose book The High Cost of Free Parking is the most thorough examination of parking ever written, argues that simply offering a choice won't cut congestion. So, how does Mayor Bloomberg square his administration's laudable long-term sustainability goals with the boom in parking that his administration has, in many cases, promoted and subsidized?

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