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This article is about content that is either unreleased or only out recently that may be seen as a spoiler. While on route to the Natural History Museum, the Ghostbusters are detoured to the library after Janine Melnitz clued them to a radio report on 1010 WINS. Meanwhile, in the periodical archives, Winston uncovered some history between the Library ghost, Eleanor Twitty, her ex-lover Edmund "The Collector" Hoover, and the Gozerian Codex. A paranormal storm cloud encircling 55 Central Park West prompted the Ghostbusters to conduct research at the New York Public Library. Left a message on the Firehouse answering machine about a ghost stealing change from a vending machine and Ray's overdue books during the Shandor Incident. The scaffolding seen at the New York Public Library were part of an ongoing cleaning project at the time of filming.
The room Alice and later Peter, Ray, and Egon check out were filmed in the Los Angeles Public Library. Ruth Oliver, who portrayed the human form of the library ghost, didn't film at the library sets. The floating books were Dan Aykroyd's idea during principal photography in lieu of a more expensive flying books concept. Originally, the library was going to be introduced by two establishing shots but on the day of filming they were combined into a single sweeping crane shot. When Peter and Ray are walking up the stairs to the library, Peter asked Ray, "How many of these things have you actually seen?" Ray replied by saying, "What do you mean by 'seen'?" Peter said, "Looked at with your eyes." The joke never got a laugh from test audiences so the exchange was cut from the movie except for Peter's question.

On page 19, panel 2, of Ghostbusters Annual 2015, left of Egon and under the parabola is "Library" - a reference to the public library.
It is located at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and West 42nd Street in downtown New York City. Captain McMahon from the 12th Precinct told Ray there was a massive disturbance, a "real fireworks show." They checked for valences and suddenly two animators burst through one of the lion statues then flew into the library. After Rookie and Ray captured the animators Cruster and Crusto, they cut through the Juvenile Collection and rejoin Egon at Special Collections.
Zuul and Vinz Clortho manifested near one of the famous lion statues and across the block respectively. She did her scenes at Entertainment Effects Group then later inserted optically into shots. During filming, the camera lens cap kept falling off or a prop would fall out of an actor's pocket. The Ghostbusters prevented their reunion and forced them through the Terror Spirit World Gates at the same time. Despite the logistics of getting the reading room lit, staging and photographing, and clearing it all away, filming of exterior and interior shots was done in a part of a single day of location shooting.
When the nearby crowd enjoyed the filming so much that when they realized there was going to be another take, they cheered. Continuing on with their research, they unearthed the Necronomicon and accidentally awoke Cathulhu.

The trio heads down into the sub-basement and discovers stacks and stacks of books and entities out to kill them.
After dealing with five Spawn of Cathulhu, the Ghostbusters closed the Align Gates and placed Cathulhu back into a deep slumber.
They discovered not all print is dead, as Book Bats and other paper based creatures attack them while chasing the Library ghost (also known as the Gray Lady). Once the team assembled at the library, they interviewed Alice the librarian, a recent victim of the ghost, and went down to the stacks to look for the specter she described. It is concluded that there were other powerful ghosts there including the Gray Lady's killer, Azetlor. Spengler some impetus to develop a proton storage facility for indefinite incarceration of spirits. Rookie, Egon, and Ray cross over into a Gozerian dimension and seemingly find themselves in the Reading Room but the dimensional membrane is extremely thin here.

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