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After decades of planning, the Washington Metro’s Silver Line finally opened last week. Thanks to Professor Sarah Kaufman at New York University for her clarifications about the NTD dataset. To receive grants from the Federal Transit Administration, transit systems of all types (heavy rail, light rail, buses, etc.) must provide monthly ridership data to the National Transit Database (NTD, data available to download here), which compiles it by census-designated urbanized areas.
This means that it’s not particularly revealing to map all the cities together, because larger, denser cities are clustered in the Northeast and on the West Coast.

By the end of 2025, the Washington Metro projects that the Silver Line will handle 115,000 trips per day, or 42 million a year.
The gaps are mostly small cities: The 54 largest urban areas were included in the data set, as were 93 percent of urban areas with over 200,000 residents (169 out of 182). Most of New York’s trips were on the MTA subway (62 percent), followed by MTA buses (21 percent), NJ Transit buses (4 percent) and LIRR commuter trains (3 percent).
Do certain regions tend to support better public transit, or is this just a product of city size and density?

The South, including Texas and Oklahoma, has some of the worst systems, and the Midwest is mixed. And both were dwarfed by New York (229.8), which is operating on a completely different scale.

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